Snake Man Jealous

Snake male invariably attracts female attention. The patronage of the animal totem precisely determines the traits of his character: wisdom, intelligence, equanimity. It seems that for him there are no riddles and mystery, he owns all the secrets of the female soul. At the same time skillfully hides its uncertainty, presenting the world with a carefully thought-out image of an experienced heartthrob.

A man of this sign jealously protects his relationship from outside influence. A favorite girl should completely belong to him, although he enjoys interacting with numerous fans. The deceived representative of the sign is capable of revenge, the traitor will be subjected to sophisticated humiliation. The Love of the Snake is easily transformed into sizzling hatred. Marriage will inevitably be destroyed, despite the pleas of a partner.

How to Make a Snake Man Jealous?

Call Snake jealousy fairly easy, with the result of excessive pride and bloated conceit. Character largely determines the elements of the year of birth, so the feelings and emotions of men of this sign are manifested in different ways. Fire Snake is always in the spotlight. Self-confident man is extremely intolerant of the shortcomings of his partner. In a fit of jealousy, he can blame the chosen one for all mortal sins, although he himself does not differ by exemplary behavior. It is easy to break off relations, believing that it will not remain without female attention.

The Earth Snake inspires confidence from the first minutes of acquaintance, such a gentleman is distinguished by impeccable behavior. The man of this sign is too sensitive to the deception, although he tries not to show it. Achieves the womanโ€™s affection with intrigues, knows how to manage and manipulate the partnerโ€™s feelings. Water Snake has a sharp mind. Restrained representative of the water element will not swear violently and find out the relationship with his chosen one. Will try to carefully calculate their actions, most likely, will forgive the traitor. He will prefer to keep the marriage, as he is cautious about unplanned changes in life.

The Wood Snake is notable for its suspiciousness and nervousness. The man of this sign carefully conceals his uncertainty, he is afraid of betrayal and deceit. Jealousy forces him to protect his beloved from any communication with other men, strives to remain alone with her as often as possible. The Metal Snake has an increased self-esteem. A man thinks that he deserves a caring attitude partner. Favorably perceives signs of attention, though he himself tries to surround the lady with love. He will not tolerate rivalry, he will be able to forgive an easy flirtation, but no more than that.

How to Deal with a Snake Man Jealous?

A wise and tactful woman can provide a comfortable life to the restless Snake. After all, behind the external coolness, the weakness and insecurity of the man is guessed. The girl should indulgently react to rare bursts of anger and aggression, to show complete submission and fidelity. It is worth to abandon their own hobbies in favor of family life. A grateful representative of the sign will forget about distrust and jealousy.

The Snake male does not like sudden surprises. A man will not be delighted with the offer to go on a hiking trip. It is better to think about the rest in advance, carefully listening to the wishes of the Snake. You can arrange a romantic evening at home or visit an art exhibition. After all, the representative of the sign is a connoisseur of all beauty.

The Snake man values the comfort of his home. He is capable of rolling a scandal, if a woman does not consider it necessary to equip a common life. It turns out that the chosen one does not respect the opinion of the partner or is carried away by something more interesting. Why suspicions and scandals? So just please the Snake, itโ€™s only necessary to carefully monitor the order in the common house.

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