Tiger Man Jealous

The Tiger man has a strong and imperious character. The patronage of a noble animal quite clearly defines his behavior in a romantic relationship. He is very quick-tempered, does not know how to lie and pretend. Fair and strong man trying to protect his chosen from lifeโ€™s misfortunes. In response, demands obedience and loyalty.

The jealousy of the Tiger manifests itself quite violently, he loses its inner balance too quickly. In the companion chooses bright and spectacular women, attracting male attention. Is it any wonder that the representative of the sign is constantly jealous of his girlfriend? He appreciates in the chosen one not only external beauty, but also mental abilities. Society spectacular, but a stupid woman very quickly bores him, he will start looking for adventure on the side.

How to Make a Tiger Man Jealous?

Jealousy can have very unpleasant consequences, and the rapid separation - the smallest of them. It is better not to provoke Tiger to this feeling, the more he is hot tempered. The element of the year also influences the character, so the jealousy of each representative of the sign manifests itself in different ways. The Fire Tiger attracts attention with bright leadership qualities. He does not tolerate rivalry, a beloved girl should belong only to him. The man of this sign is surrounded by fans, he easily changes the object of his passion.

Metal Tiger is hot-tempered, does not like surprises. He prefers a quiet life, although he can nerve his girlfriend sometimes. He considers himself worthy of admiration, so the partnerโ€™s disparaging attitude is regarded as a betrayal. He will try to punish her with his indifferent attitude, though in a short time he will certainly forgive his beloved and will try to reconcile first. Water Tiger is characterized by the opposite behavior. Too vulnerable nature tries to avoid embarrassing situations, carefully controls its emotions. However, the resentment can last a very long time.

The Wood Tiger is not distinguished by the constant behavior, his unrestrained energy requires continuous movement. The representative of this sign will be interested only in a spectacular woman, he will quickly get bored with the company of a modest person. He is ready to forgive her for many shortcomings, if she will share his hobbies. Earth Tiger has a calm nature. Such serious man will not be exchanged for petty intrigues. Such predator is ready to create a strong family with an intelligent woman who supports him in all endeavors.

How to Deal with a Tiger Man Jealous?

Getting rid of the jealousy of the Tiger is actually quite easy, the main weapon is an affectionate attitude. A strong, formidable animal willingly obeys, if it feels sincere love and tenderness. No pleas and tears can not hold the man of this sign next to the woman, only his personal desire. Beloved girl should evoke in him a sense of admiration, while inducing calm. Only the right partner Tiger can fully trust.

The Tiger needs variety, it can not lead a too measured life. Boredom causes him yearning, he begins to fill the void with negative emotions. Why experience relationships for strength? It is better to organize a man of this sign an interesting leisure. It does not matter what it will be: family picnic, fishing, excursion to the historical museum. The Tiger needs a change of scenery, he needs bright impressions.

Tiger is sensitive to his appearance, it takes a long time to choose clothes for wardrobe. The darling can support his carefully thought-out image. You can buy him a new suit or an expensive accessory: a pen, a briefcase, a purse. A man of this sign loves attention, he will gladly present a gift to his friends and acquaintances.

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