Goat Man in Love

Horoscope of a Goat man describes him as a man who is busy searching comfort and security in life. He can use people in his own purposes and take advantages of useful acquaintances. A Goat man knows how to make a good impression, how to attract and win people with his good manners, high sensibility and kindness. These people who need to be in art, not fighting in a war – they are not good soldiers at all.

But it doesn’t mean that they cannot defend themselves, they are not afraid of the difficulties. More often they become excellent actors, artists and musicians. The sensibility of their personality ensures them numerous love affairs, deep feelings and passionate dates. Now we are going to analyze love horoscope of a Goat man.

Chinese Goat Man Love

If he were condemned to go entirely without love, the Goat male would be left with no desire to continue to live, for to him love is life itself and life without love is synonymous with death. It is why in all cases love constitutes the greatest business of his existence - it comes very early to him and will not leave him so long as he can keep his body and soul together.

But despite all possible religious or moral precepts it never occurs to him that love should be exclusive. Without having to be an unbalanced or abnormal native, he is at all times concerned with the quantity of his amorous conquests. This Don Juan considers promiscuity the perfectly natural way of love and very often conducts two, three, or even more love affairs concurrently without a shade of embarrassment or guilt. He is most favored by Nature in this respect as he enjoys a fatal charm for women. And every new love has the power to give him a new lease of life.

To state that the Goat male’s fidelity in love is not irreproachable would amount to saying an overdone euphemism. Even he himself never bothers to deny that he is an incorrigible flirt. He simply has no sense of faithfulness and sees no shadow of sin or immorality in fickleness. Vulnerability to temptation is to him an asset rather than a weakness.

This man functions with his fantasies. He loves when and as the fancy takes him. For this reason he is unpredictable even under the most normal conditions. The women involved with him can never be sure of his next move, however deeply his love for them goes. The only thing they can be certain about is that they enjoy no security. Love may withdraw from him just as waves vanish from the seashore - simply, without warning signs. There is absolutely nothing his women can do to retain his favors - once he has decided to love no longer, neither tears nor cries can change anything to the situation.

Despite all the hazards and dangers awaiting them, women in general feel irresistibly attracted to this type. They sense that taking risks with him can be a worthwhile venture. It is because he reaches the supreme degree of expertise in handling them; it is also because, being so feminine himself, he understands them better than most men do. As a lover he is most charming, sensitive, capable of extraordinary tenderness and gentleness. He perfectly masters the art of idealizing his chosen ones and knows the secret of preventing love from growing stale with time.

Probably the most outstanding characteristic of this subject’s love behavior is his total freedom from inhibition of any kind. He would openly discuss his sexual needs and desires and experiences without the slightest trace of abashment, confusion, or pudency. No puritanical hang-ups are there to trouble him. Refusing to accept taboos, which to him are only detestable obstacles to the natural expression of the human heart, he lends himself to all sorts of erotic experiments, thereby discovering and enjoying wonders which few people are aware of. He is on the more keen on exploring as he needs to flee from himself and forget his condition as a mortal. The notion of sexual perversion is totally alien to him.

What are the main characteristics of this man’s lovemaking? The foregoing may give to think that it must be crude and devoid of feelings. Actually, the exact contrary comes nearer the truth. Surprising though it may be, the Goat man gains more pleasure in giving than receiving pleasure. Since romance is to him a most natural state of being, he feels very much at home in romantic depths. His sexual expression is always poetic and perceptive. Despite his incurable tendency toward promiscuity, each of his embraces brings about total peace and contentment resulting from a deeply affectionate blending. All his partners, even the most difficult ones, respond instinctively to his tenderness, gentleness, and magic touch.

There could be no doubt about his tremendous capacity for sex and extreme sensuousness. This is an exceptionally ardent and indefatigable lover to whom bedtime is always funtime. With him lovemaking does not even always have to happen in bed, and he at all times shows his readiness to oblige his birds, however great their appetites may be. Besides, he is known as an expert at the art of light lovemaking. However, he is extremely fastidious and will not, for instance, abide a partner who is not particularly scrupulous about personal hygiene.

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