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According to Chinese horoscope of a Monkey man, he can have a very successful career and to be generally recognized if he tries to do his best in pursuit of his won objectives. He is very smart and intelligent and it helps him a lot on his work and life. It is very important for him to work in the field that he really likes, in something that he is really interested. Monkey men can organize his work perfectly only of he knows everything about it.

In case of sincere interest in work, a Monkey man becomes really penetrating that brings him success, luck, respect and honors. Financial activity, politics, business and diplomacy โ€“ these are the fields in which this zodiac sign can become most successful. And if we are talking about some even more global and serious projects that embrace international level, he can also be very good at it. Intellect, quickness of wit, smartness, slyness and an ability to find compromise will make Monkey man get what he wants.

Chinese Monkey Man Love

It is in the field of love that the Monkey manโ€™s paradoxes and contradictions seem to be the most acute. People could rightfully wonder if he ever knows what he wants here. His love life would be less inextricable and happier if he could adopt a definite attitude instead of eternally wavering back and forth.

The root of his sentimental problems lies in his utter incapacity as well as categorical refusal to surrender even a small portion of his independence and personal freedom. On the other hand, his heart, like everybody elseโ€™s, craves for love and abhors loneliness. With his exuberant character and gentle disposition, he falls in love very easily; yet it would be surprising to see one of his love affairs marked with a reasonable degree of stability.

One of the solutions he usually chooses consists of contenting himself with passing fancies, which, of course, cannot bring him entire satisfaction. He loves sincerely - at least this is what he believes - but will be quick to disengage himself as soon as the object of his love appears to have serious designs on him.

It would be unjust to accuse him of fickleness, but his desire to avoid confinement in the institution of marriage is so strong that he treasures bachelorhood as much as he does his own eyesight. Though he can be passionate, his instinct for "self-preservation" rarely fails to intervene in time to cool off his ardor. Consequently, his life is often an endless string of separations and ruptures, which makes him complain bitterly that he never has good luck in love!

His second solution seems equally erratic. It involves love affairs with beautiful, glamorous women who should preferably be inaccessible for one reason or another. In this way he can give full rein to his heart and experience a whole range of thrilling emotions without running the risk of being caught. Married women, understandably, are his prized preys. Whether or not he wants to admit it, he wishes with all his forces to suffer from unrequited love!

His third solution represents an important compromise he may eventually be willing to conclude with reality. It consists of his settling down, on a basis of friendship and complicity, with a woman who should imperatively be intelligent, fun-loving, and fiercely independent-minded herself. This concession of his must be subordinated to the agreement, whether tacit or explicit, that neither party will ever pose as an obstacle of any sort to the other freedom - both partners must feel absolutely free to indulge in infidelity or walk away whenever the fancy takes them. As a rule this man always prefers free union to conventional marriage!

It may not be superfluous to repeat that, to the Monkey-male, there must always exist more friendship than "pure" love in any affair. A girl who projects to capture his heart would find her interest in being to him a companion first and a lover second.

There could hardly be anything he resents more than possessiveness. He will not hesitate to drop a girl the very moment she becomes possessive. In the same vein, he loathes the clinging type of woman. He himself believes jealousy is degrading and can remain perfectly unruffled should he be betrayed or when other men ogle his woman.

Once committed, he may show himself capable of fidelity as long as his personal freedom is not threatened. Although rarely lavish with sentimental demonstrations, he does care for his mate and give her sufficient proof of his affection and devotion. His kind and understanding disposition could heal many emotional wounds he may have unwittingly inflicted on her. As he has no prejudices against the female sex, she will find no reason to complain about his misogyny.

This man has a special predilection for mysterious women. A good way for his mate to retain his interest is never to unveil herself entirely. This is not an authoritarian type of lover. He could not care less if his woman wears the trousers both in the home and in society.

His physical appetites are of the moderate variety for the precise reason that sex constitutes only one facet of his mercurial existence. This does not necessarily imply that he is incapable of sensuousness and charming little romantic idiosyncrasies. He enjoys giving pleasure as well as receiving it. Both foreplay and afterplay are as important to him as the copulatory act itself, for he considers sexual intercourse primarily as a game.

Despite all his affirmations to the contrary, he only feels lukewarm love for children and never appears enthusiastic about having a large family.

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