Ox Man in Love

An Ox man is a conservator-traditionalist, who makes all his efforts on prosperity of his business, family and country. He doesn’t like changes, doesn’t stand new trends which can rock traditional order. He doesn’t trust innovations and changes in legislation.

An Ox man is not inclined to democracy or any type of it and he usually adheres to monarchist ideas. In his family this zodiac sign is also the only and sovereign leader, who cares about his relatives. The Ox likes solitude and walks on fresh air, he spends a lot of time outside, as much as he can. Moreover, as far as possible, this kind of man does his best to connect his life with nature and countryside.

Chinese Ox Man Love

Despite all appearances, love occupies an important place in the life of the Ox man. He scorns those males who consider women simply as an object of pleasure. A sincere and generous lover, he does his best to give his women all the satisfactions they expect from him.

But although sensual, this subject is almost never romantic - and some women are not particularly appreciative of his style. When he loves, he loves. Period. There is to him nothing more complicated than that. The folly of passion is a game completely beyond his comprehension; fantasies he considers a perfectly negligible ornament; and he is shocked by the practices of the permissive society. Any woman having designs on him must realize that he is slow in making advances, that his lovemaking is fairly conventional because of his lack of imagination, and that mental stimulation is not a necessity with him in his physical expression of love.

He may coquet a little during his prime, mostly out of curiosity and certainly not out of licentiousness. Then he will make up his mind to settle down for good. He will choose the woman of his life painstakingly, deliberately, advisedly, after having carefully weighed the pros and the cons. His decision is intended to be irrevocable - he loves for his whole existence.

He will enter matrimony with the best intentions in the world, determined to serve his wife and children to the best of his ability. It would require exceptional circumstances to make a married Ox man succumb to the temptation of infidelity; even flirtation will not interest him. On the other hand, should he ever be deceived, he would accept the situation with remarkable philosophy and harbor little bitterness; for all his intense jealousy and pronounced sense of property, he is nevertheless a perfect fatalist.

He will love so long as he deems the object of his love still deserves it. But when he decides not to love a woman any longer for one reason or another, there will absolutely be nothing she can do to change his mind and regain his favors. He will make a clean sweep of all that once bound him to her, and what he will do to her from now on will only be a matter of sheer legal duty - without any sentiment involved.

The only sensible course of action she could take under such circumstances would be to accept her disgrace with dignity in order to safeguard the good memories of their past relations. Recriminations and vituperations are only apt to make him withdraw further into his cold carapace.

This man is rather easy to live with as a lover or husband. Earnestly wanting to deserve his happiness, he is always willing to do everything in his power to make his woman’s life as pleasant and comfortable as possible - by being protective with her and catering for all her material and, if possible, emotional needs. In return, he expects her to be faithful to him, to take care of his person, and to heed his tastes and desires which are simple and down-to-earth.

So long as she can manage to satisfy him at table and in bed, then he is prepared to close his eyes on many of her faults and vices. But not every woman appreciates this arrangement. He loves in his own way, at his own tempo, most often with some kind of detachment which borders on coolness. He can, however, be infinitely warm, tender and communicative in those rare moments of euphoria when his defences are down. On the contrary, he may sometimes be a prey to fits of bad humor, becoming at such times exacting, tyrannical and overly authoritarian.

This is a stay-at-home par excellence. To him, a warm house, a submissive wife, beautiful young cherubs and woolly slippers constitute Paradise on earth. His home life is all important to him, and he finds happiness in his family circle. He will dream of travels to faraway countries but will be most reluctant to part with his fireplace.

Longing for a large family, the Ox male makes an admirable father, imbued with strict principles and shrinking back before no sacrifice. He diligently takes charge of his children’s education and carefully arms them for the battle of life. Unfortunately, his tendency to despotism often makes his dearest ones fail to understand and appreciate him.

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