Pig Man in Love

A Pig man is a materialist and usually he knows how to build his life. He win peopleโ€™s respect and friendship and often they help him in searching for a job or in getting a bank credit. A Pig man is able to be successful in different fields, he is interested in business and finances. If he has a strong desire, he can achieve success, but only if he doesnโ€™t waste his time on fun. The Pig can never be an ascetic and will never live in poverty as he loves pleasure and comfort too much for that.

Emotionality of a Pig man can arouse his yen to art, where he also can become successful and become a passionate collector of pieces of art. He is very sensitive and sentimental, is capable of strong emotions and knows how to chase for women. According to Chinese horoscope, a Pig man is a noble and generous person.

Chinese Pig Man Love

Just like his Snake and Goat counterparts, the Pig male definitely has a feminine soul. His appeal to women is enormous since he perfectly understands them, foresees their reactions, and perceives their desires. He has no reason to fear loneliness; on the contrary, it is not rare he finds himself caught up in an inextricable cobweb of his own making. In homosexual relationships it is he who plays the feminine role.

In general this man proves a rather slow starter in romance, not because his heart is not hungry but because he is afraid to suffer. Love at first sight seizes him only when the woman he meets corresponds to the image of his revered mother. He is also very vulnerable to love when going through one of his black depressions.

As previously indicated, every Pig man feels strongly attached to his mother. But his Oedipus complex is rarely so neurotic as to induce him to homosexuality. The average native of the sign is sensuous enough to seek and enjoy normal relationships with women of every description. However, he has an unmistakable preference for the clinging-vine type of females, for it enables him to play glamorous with them as a compensation for his frustrations on other fronts. Nothing would please him more than being treated by his woman as king of their castle.

The Pig man takes love most seriously. One of the reasons for this is that in romantic relationships he is very vulnerable: He becomes emotionally involved with incredible ease and can never strictly content himself with a purely physical approach. His heart is so tender and fragile that it can get broken under the slightest shock. And when disappointed in love he is likely to suffer with resignation and drown his sorrows in alcohol.

In the prime of his youth, he may flutter around a little, just out of curiosity. But he will soon seek to settle down for good with the woman of his heart. He belongs to the variety of faithful lovers, which is rather surprising in view of his extreme sensuality. Even if he is wronged he can hardly ever resolve to take the first step toward a rupture.

This man has an enormous capacity for love. The woman who has conquered his heart may consider herself fortunate. To the partner who appreciates him, he is most tender, kind, and affectionate. Love means to him a complete fusion of two bodies and two souls; it is why he utterly resents suspicion, jealousy, and competition.

It is not rare he falls in love with love, for this can provide him a wide range of emotions which his insatiable soul yearns for. Nevertheless he also knows how to be satisfied with more prosaic reality. His love needs constant expression. Probably no one is a better expert in sentimental manifestations and romantic jokes than this individual. His exact antithesis on this score, as we can guess, is the Ox man.

Unfortunately there exists one detestable aspect to the Pig maleโ€™s love behavior. Like a spoiled child he tends with persistence to be oversusceptible and sulky. It apparently pleases him to indulge in masochistic practices, unbearable attempts at sentimental blackmail, and extravagant scenes. The best way for a partner to cope with such idiosyncrasies would be to take them lightly or even to ignore them completely.

The Pig male is always ready to oblige. There could be no more expert and indefatigable lover than this subject. Thanks to his profuse erotic capacity, his embraces can set ice afire - they can stir the passions of the most lukewarm partner. But his approach to sex is far from being raw or earthy: There always exists an affectionate and considerate quality in it. He is more gratified by giving pleasure in bed than by receiving it, and this can create a physical intimacy of rare exquisiteness. Moreover, his sexual expression is generally free from all forms of perversion.

Contrary to the Horse man, who resents letting love tie him down in any way, the native of the Pig closely associates love with domestic life. Once pledged to a woman, he turns out to be an enthusiastic and conscientious homemaker. He may even cook many dishes himself. He sees no reason why he should refuse to let his wife wear the trousers. He may from time to time dream of travels to faraway countries but sincerely prefers to spend his evenings smoking his pipe beside his fireplace.

Most Pig males achieve their full psychological maturity not in love but in fatherhood. It is because they are marvelously endowed with "maternal" instinct. They love having children, considering them as a heavenly blessing. They are the kind of fathers to romp with their little ones, to understand them perfectly, and to share their dreams. Sometimes, however, one may detect a light touch of incestuousness in their comportments.

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