Rabbit Man in Love

A Rabbit man is a born businessman who never misses what he wants to get – he has an incredible intuition for profitable deals. Very often this sign is a successful businessman, lawyer, attorney or consultant of different aspects. He is always quiet, mild and tactful physically, but he will never miss anything in financial sphere and he takes advantages from any agreement.

A Rabbit man doesn’t like to run risks, he is proponent of reliability and stability. This kind of man will never plunge into adventure or take part in any fraud with breaking the law no matter what profit he can make. The Rabbit doesn’t like any changes, he prefers calm and regular life full of comfort and harmony.

Chinese Rabbit Man Love

The Rabbit male mistrusts sentiments of any kind and particularly his own ones. Always insisting that reason rule alone, he views matters of the heart as something to engage in only with the utmost seriousness, after mature reflection and under tight control by the mind.

Unlike his Tiger counterpart, whose main trait is rashness, he never allows himself to be carried away by love at first sight and seldom enters an affair or marriage unreluctantly. In fact, a very high percentage of Rabbit males balk at love altogether and deliberately choose to remain confirmed bachelors. Their misogamy could hardly be imputed to mere coincidence, but appears to be well in line with their sentimental behavior.

It is hard for the Rabbit man to fall in love. This situation is principally due to his exigencies - he is noted for being so impossibly demanding. While not idealizing love in the manner of poets, he is disinclined to share his life with a woman who shows some human flaws. He wants her to be indefectible and irreproachable in every possible way - she must be exactly like a goddess! Perhaps he has too high an opinion of himself to be willing to put up with an imperfect female. In any case, it never comes to his mind that his attitude is unreasonable, utopic and responsible for his many disappointments.

It is almost impossible for any woman to seduce him, however clever or attractive she may be. Any relationship he embarks upon must bear the mark of his own exclusive initiative. He is so timorous and mistrustful that he sees traps everywhere around him. He fears to be disturbed, taken in, betrayed, rejected, or deserted. It seems to him much less painful to endure solitude than to fall victim to the perfidy of the fair sex.

But what terrifies him most in love is the prospect of his being asked to make sentimental demonstrations, which are the very antithesis of his natural reservedness and sense of decency. Intent on defending his intimate self jealously, he will refuse to lay bare his heart and mind even to the woman of his life.

He may be willing to discuss with her all kinds of subjects imaginable but will systematically recoil from talking about his innermost feelings and thoughts. There is virtually nothing she can do to pull down the wall standing between them. Any female with designs on this man should be prepared to accept his uncompromising reticence with good grace or simply forget him. Fortunately, he tends to improve with age in this respect and may become more inclined to communicate from his fifties onwards.

When he decides to settle down, this type usually has the best intentions in the world, for he really means to love for keeps and honor every clause of his "contract." He will show himself a model of faithfulness and will dutifully fulfill all the obligations associated with his status. If he ever fails in his role, it will only be a result of exceptional adverse circumstances. Nothing will give him as much pleasure as to care for his woman, especially when she finds herself confronted with problems or is ill.

Sexually, the native does appear cold and indifferent although there seems to be nothing wrong with his appetite. It is certain he suffers from inhibitions due to his lack of self-confidence, his exaggerated sense of decency and also his misplaced perfectionism. He is generally silent in making love as he hardly finds anything worthwhile or appropriate to say when he is giving up a part of himself. While it is true that sex does not occupy a high position on his priority list, a kind and understanding woman can surely help him break the ice and enjoy physical intimacies more fully.

As is previously indicated, this character in many ways makes an admirable lover, husband and father. He shows the utmost tenderness and gentleness toward all those close to his heart. His love for them is deep and sincere. He does everything in his power for his spouse, her happiness being his greatest concern; but his profound love can quickly turn into intense hatred if and when she deceives or spurns him.

As for his children, he is generally on excellent terms with them and behaves more like a friend than a parent; he strives to provide them with all they need, vigilantly watches over their education and carefully arms them for the battle of life. The family usually offers him a sufficient incentive to go beyond the boundaries of his ego.

Due to this man’s fundamental selfishness and overdone individualism, some Chinese astrologers tend to believe he regards his children as strangers - because he cannot get rid of them when he wants - and prefers the company of his cronies - because he can choose to keep or abandon these according to his whims. This view does not seem to be corroborated by reality. While it is true he never craves for children, he does love them when they come under his roof. The main reason for his exemplary comportment is undoubtedly his desire to be perfect and blameless in this respect as in all others.

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