Rat Man in Love

In youth Rat men try to find their ideal and have strong feelings, that develops into a number of romantic affairs. To marriage Rat men usually come through love. The Rat is an open and emotional sign. It is difficult to influence this kind of man, as he make decisions according only to his own ideas and opinions of life.

He can control his feelings and if he wants he can restrain himself from doing things that doesnโ€™t make him happy. Besides, he likes home comfort and coziness โ€“ it is the object of his aspiration in life and what he values a lot in family.

Chinese Rat Man Love

Stingy as he is, the Rat man is quite lavish when he loves. The women who have found their way to his heart can expect him to pay liberally for their jewels, dresses, furs, entertainment, travels to foreign countries and a myriad other whims. There is no secret to this generosity of his: Sentimentally insecure, he offers his women all he has, namely, money, with a view to keeping them.

While he hardly ever loses his fortune in a bad business deal, he may lose it in an unfortunate love affair. Where matters of the heart are concerned, he usually forgoes his habitual perspicacity and lays himself open to exploitation by unscrupulous women who would not hesitate to fleece this willing victim.

The Rat male has a definite preference for the gentle, docile and somewhat capricious type of women - those who show dependence and immaturity and who willingly look up at their man as a protector and provider. Not overly jealous, he may sometimes incite them to flirt with other men, but on the tacit condition that they recognize his superiority over his rivals. He himself enjoys some sexual diversity and is not likely to be faithful to only one woman at a time.

People generally believe this subject to be a selfish lover, more concerned with his own pleasure than with the satisfaction of his partners. Nothing is further from the truth despite all appearances to the contrary. He is, in fact, keenly aware of the importance of reciprocity in sexual encounters and earnestly does ever thing in his power to achieve a complete fusion of bodies and souls.

He is also an imaginative lover who refuses to settle down in routine, who values foreplay as much as the copulation act itself, and who pays due attention to the emotional aspect of sexual relationships. In other words, he is quite good in bed, sensual and considerate. However, it is important for him to take the lead, and his appetite is subject to fluctuations. His high-strung disposition and feeling of insecurity may sometimes cause him to be unable to switch off his worries and therefore prone to impotence.

When the native gets married, he generally has the best intentions in the world. Determined to make a success of his marriage - not so much as a matter of ethical principle as of emotional security - he will provide his wife with all she needs and devote himself to the education of his children. His probable infidelities will be a well-kept secret since he is never prepared to accept divorce and start a new life with another female.

Any woman involved with a married Rat man would be well advised to respect his desire for secrecy. He will not hesitate to put an end to their relationship as soon as there is a risk it may come to light. Confronted with a choice between his legitimate wife and another bird, he will undoubtedly choose the former without thinking twice, no matter how much heartwrenching his step may entail.

Despite their fear of loneliness, an important number of Rat men prefer to remain single all their lives. The situation is by no means a mere coincidence and can be accounted for by their dread of being left out or betrayed. It seems to them less painful to bear solitude than the consequences of a marital failure.

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