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According to Chinese horoscope, a Rooster man is a kind of a selfish person, who thinks that he is always right and considering himself smart and intelligent, he gives advices to others. He is full of ideas and plans that can change if not the whole world, but an opinion of mankind about this world, but usually these plans remain unrealized. A Rooster man is real dreamer, but not a real practician. Usually Rooster men understand sterility of their dreams and thatโ€™s why they prefer thinking about them in comfortable and pleasant atmosphere which has to be provided for them by other people. And they have a right to philosophize about life.

Rooster men like to discuss different topics as they consider themselves experts in any field. They need attention and respect, otherwise they get irritated and start to mock at their family and friends. According to the horoscope, Rooster men, as a rule, have no idea about economy and thatโ€™s why they often find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Chinese Rooster Man Love

The Rooster maleโ€™s love behavior is mainly dominated by his anxiety and sadistic tendencies. Once this has been duly taken into account, it becomes relatively easy to explain or foresee most of his reaction patterns. He is born a frustrated person. During all his existence he labors under the impression of having to continually climb up a slope and to carve out every inch of his place under the sun. Love seems to him a sector of life which could afford him an expedient occasion to take his revenge, to compensate for the "injustice" he came into the world with.

He delights in playing at torturer and victim - rarely resorting to physical brutalities, though, for his sadism is essentially symbolic, and his favorite game consisting of inflicting emotional injuries. He loves to contemplate the tears and hear the sobs of his beloved one. He entertains the fiction of having the power to decide on her life or death. He enjoys putting up a show of sudden attachments and equally sudden separations. It pleases him to boast about his imaginary running around seducing innocent damsels and breaking their hearts.

Many women involved with him who do not understand the reasons of his provocative attitude must certainly feel unhappy. But a Rooster woman or the one who is aware of the unconscious mechanism underlying his comportment can easily defuse and shrug off the situation - they know that all his gimmicks are only designed to strengthen his self-image of omnipotence; they also know that this man constantly yearns to receive, in a devious way, reassurance and encouragement from the very female of his heart.

No woman would find him an easy person to live with. What few people know is that he needs a female who has enough strength of character to bear his emotional assaults and who understands that to accept his love usually means to accept storms - his love nature is more intense than that of most men and belongs to the love/hate variety, probably because of the fascination he feels for danger and death. Once his woman agrees to play the game he proposes, he is able to show himself a devoted, forgiving, and loyal lover.

The Rooster male belongs to the restricted circle of men endowed with such a powerful sex drive as his. But he seldom looks upon sex as a natural way of self-expression. On the contrary, one of his favorite pastimes is to indulge in love fantasizing. And the greatest pleasure he can get from his lovemaking is not to be one with his partner but to believe he is making her suffer - without actually submitting her to any physical pains.

Basically a conservative like the Buffalo male, who shares many other characteristics with him, he exercises a firm control over his heart, refusing to ever give it full rein. He may be sensitive and compassionate, but never truly warm. His reservedness also stems from his awkwardness in expressing inner emotion. It is in this direction that many of his failures in love may be acknowledged.

For what exact reason does this individual rank among the most misogynous men in the world? Astrologers have been unable to answer this question satisfactorily. Some of them argue that, if he hates women, it is because he sees in them the source of human life whereas he is fascinated by death. The explanation may contain a parcel of truth, but seems far-fetched to some people.

It is probably due to their unusual love nature and full-fledged misogyny that a large number of Rooster men choose homosexuality. Even when they are involved with women in a capacity or another, it is not rare they have physical relations with members of their own sex. Only in homosexuality can they find the most adequate means to express themselves.

Apart from the temptation of homosexuality, the average Rooster man is generally faithful in love. He takes his commitment to a woman very seriously: When he receives genuine and understanding response from her, he will have no desire to look elsewhere; if he has decided to love her, he will love her sincerely. Marriage represents in his eyes something of the utmost gravity, and he often waits and watches a very long time before taking the final plunge. Unfortunately, he tends to be too jealous and exclusive, so much to that his woman would need an exceptional amount of patience to put up with him.

In his heart of hearts he never wants to beget children. But when they arrive he always shows himself a good and conscientious father. The only defect he could be reproached for here would be his tendency to be unduly severe and authoritarian.

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