Snake Man in Love

Usually the Snake men don’t have material problems in life. They know a place where there is money and how to get there. More often they don’t even worry about it. In communication the Snake men are easy-going, smart and sentimental. They have a good sense of humor. It is easy to get on well with them but with one condition – you need to make him like you first. Because this sign won’t communicate with a person who is not interesting for him.

However, after some time the personality of Snake man has a lot of changes but its support and motive power is intuition which is excellent. Their intuition make them be practical and economic, it also helps them a lot in life, protecting from dangerous situations and troubles.

Chinese Snake Man Love

To the Snake male, love is life - a sacred thing - and one is not assumed to have lived if one has not loved. It may not be exaggerated to state that this subject is always ready to fall in love with love, his heart being ever as fresh as a rose in the morning. He has the reputation of being a tireless lady-killer. It is a fully justified title in view of his irresistible charm for the fair sex. But if he is extremely popular with the ladies, it is chiefly because he naturally pleases them by loving them wholeheartedly for what they are and not trying to understand them.

He loves all women because they are as vital to him as food and drink. He nevertheless prefers those who are distinctly feminine, mysterious, rather inaccessible, or perhaps haughty and even wicked. Femmes fatales represent to his eyes the supreme prize to win.

Making the pursuit of Eve’s daughters a life occupation, this man often falls into the very trap he has set up for them. In other words, it is not rare he becomes a victim of his own charm operations, finding himself in love with several women at the same time. To each of them he gives verbal assurances of undying love - he sincerely means it! He wants to please them all and has the heart to hurt none, for he feels responsible for the happiness of everyone and all of them. It then becomes impossible for him to make a choice, and he has to resign himself to struggling like the very devil in the inextricable cobweb of his own making.

There could be no more passionate lover than the Snake man. When he loves, he gives his heart completely, without either strings attached or ulterior motives. Platonic love is not alien to him although it is not a specialty of his. Whether he wishes or not to recognize it, he loves loving for the romantic idea he has of love. He views love mostly as an occasion for his body and soul to vibrate, as a pretext for him to write poems, brave dangers on the high seas, or perform Herculean tasks. In line with his masochistic propensity, he wants love to call him its slave and inflict him suffering; in the same vein, he is not afraid of unrequited love and rather welcomes it.

With so many women on his arms, it is highly doubtful he can indefinitely stay away from matrimony, even though he frowns upon conventional marriage as an unnatural and inhumane institution. It would almost always be inexact to say that he settles down with "the woman of his choice;" in reality, the decision as a rule does not come from him, and it is he who lets himself be chosen by his woman who has to drag him to the altar. He may not be aware of it, but married life is certain to have a stabilizing influence on his airy, fickle character.

When he gets married, the average Snake male has the most honorable intentions. But despite his natural gentleness and affability, his wife will not find him an easy man to live with. He will insist that she be careful not to upset his sense of harmony and topple his delicate equilibrium. He will be particular about the way she should take care of his clothes, food, habits, and preferences. If she wants to please him, she will have to stay well-groomed from top to toe at all times - he will refuse to understand that it is impossible for her to do so. She cannot help feeling vexed when he wonders aloud how horrible it is to love, and live with, the same woman for the rest of one’s life.

But the most serious problem this man’s wife will have to cope with will be his incurable unfaithfulness. He is decidedly the playboy type - though not without some reservations. However, there is certainly no purposeful malice in his comportment. His fickleness and promiscuity are rather of sociopathic origin, in the sense that he has no innate notions of fidelity and finds it perfectly normal and amoral to distribute his love around.

One proof of his sincerity is that he never feels ashamed of his infidelities or seeks to shroud his conquests under the cover of secrecy. It is rather his legitimate spouse who, outraged, will shout out, "You did it, and you’ve got a cheek to reveal it to me yourself!" While he prefers quantity to quality, it would be unfair to accuse him of satyriasis, for his love pattern is never devoid of refinement and romanticism. The women who have designs on this man would do well to take his inclination to infidelity in their stride and learn to live with it.

Obviously, the native’s conjugal life is as a rule extremely entangled and confusing. One might wonder how he could manage to find his way through it. Yet, he seems to like muddling, and no amount of complication is likely to dissuade him from playing around.

If he has the courage to assume sentimental snarls, he is on the contrary keen on shying away from all confrontation, probably out of irresponsibility. He turns a deaf ear to all the complaints and vituperations his wife may hurl at him. She will have an incredibly hard time getting a divorce once she is fed up with him: He will attempt to make her change her mind by reasoning her and multiplying his concessions - without ever renouncing his profligacy, however - because divorce is the very last thing he is prepared to envision. But due to his libertinism, his life is generally punctuated with several divorces and remarriages.

How does the Snake man make love? This is usually a seasoned lover whose sexual magnetism is exceptionally strong but who at the same time has a deep flair for his partner’s needs and desires. An idealist in bed as well as everywhere else, he always looks for romance and sentiment as a background for the intimacy of his sexual union. To put it differently, his sexual expression never lacks gentleness, tact, thoughtfulness, subtlety, charm, imagination, mental stimulation, and poetry.

Lovemaking he considers an art and means to practice it as such. The woman who participates in physical consummation with him can also and chiefly experience a fusion of hearts and souls. He tends to overindulge in sex, it is true, but the frequency of his encounters does not in the least harm their exquisite quality.

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