Tiger Man in Love

A distinctive characteristic of a Tiger man is to delay the moment of making a decision till the end. But, it is true that sometimes he bethinks too late. The Tiger doesn’t bear conservators and always tries to change something – in society, in his working place, in his relationship. This kind of man acts energetic, sometimes even aggressive and violent.

Quite often he has a conflict with someone: was is his element, and he always finds it. This zodiac sign will struggle with someone or something – he just cannot live without it. Ideas for which he struggles, as a rule, are high and conscientious. But dealing with little details, a Tiger man can be selfish and stubborn.

Chinese Tiger Man Love

The Tiger sign is certainly the most "masculine" one in the entire Chinese duodecimal zodiac. This explains why its male natives tend to exalt their machismo every other minute. They are very touchy about their virility; any insignificant slight on it may be interpreted by them as a great insult to their personal dignity. It never comes to their minds that their sexual bravado is unnecessary to a happy love life and in any case does not produce in women the effect they expect.

The Tiger male is a fervent adept of love at first sigh and disdains the kind of love that requires time for its crystallization. Once his gaze has come to rest on a woman, he may fall in love with her right away, seriously, wholeheartedly, as if she were the only female he could love in the entire course of his existence.

He will immediately want her to be associated with his projects, hopes, dreams, problems - in short, with his whole life - and will demand an instant response. He will find it bewildering if the object of his passion rejects his overtures or shows some hesitation; in fact, few women resist his candid ardor and transparent sincerity and refuse to let themselves be swept off their feet by this man.

Impulsive as always, he specializes in rash engagements and imprudent unions - even if it does mean having many problems and sorrows as a consequence. He is likely to get married several times in his lifetime and enter each matrimony with an ever intact capital of enthusiasm and recklessness. Given his impetuous nature, only a marriage contracted in his middle age could bring him emotional fulfilment and sexual stability.

Few men would be as misogynous as this one. He does not subscribe himself to the idea that every female has her price. He makes it clear to every woman he deigns to love that he is doing her a favor, that he takes her for granted. He never bothers to conceal his contempt for the fair sex as a whole, disparaging its members as frivolous, irresponsible, stupid, capricious, lazy, wicked and the like. He simply could not accept a woman to be superior or equal to him in any way.

This type invariably wants to dominate the women he loves, to make decisions in their place, to impose on them his own views, ideas, tastes, preferences, aversions, whims and way of life. He believes in all good faith that his paternalistic comportment can only please them and never sees the necessity to behave differently. Should these women want to throw off their yoke, they must proceed with much tact and diplomacy - perhaps even with flattery and wile, for he is both naive and self-conceited. To rebel overtly against him would be to trigger a war which he is sure to win and they are sure to lose.

The surest way for a partner to get rid of this fiery lover would be to wait on him hand and foot, to take care of his every need, to help him solve his every problem. Too much attention to his person could only irritate him, for he wants to display his self-sufficiency and pride. But if she wants to hang on him, a certain indifference on her part would have the magic power to keep this wild animal from returning to his jungle.

Disdainful, elusive and even dangerous women have a definite advantage over their more innocent sisters in their competition for the Tiger man’s heart. Nothing fascinates him more than mystery, difficulty and challenge. If you, ladies, want to retain him for any length of time, it is in your interest never to reveal or surrender yourselves entirely to him. So long as he still has to discover and woo you, he will hold on to you as to a lifebuoy.

On the other hand, if a cuddly lover is what you are looking for, you had better not pick up a Tiger man although his magnetism is overpowering. This wildcat is not prone to enjoy sweet nothings or to purr beside the fireplace; he is not effusive either and feels embarrassed at giving or receiving verbal expressions of love.

The Tiger man’s love nature has two inescapable characteristics: He lets himself be completely carried away by his passion, and his jealousy is as intense as his love of independence. His love is always meant to be an all-out offensive; he loves with every fiber of his being, without any restraint whatsoever. A woman involved with him may have difficulty in adjusting herself to this whirlpool, unless she has exceptional physical and moral vigor. When it comes to making love, he is quite raw and basic, charging roughly like a hussar. He will insist that the satisfaction of his erotic needs take place at any moment, even at odd hours during the day.

While loathing possessive women, he is intensely jealous of his bird of the moment. He will not make an issue of her desire to roam the world or stay home to sweep the hearth, but will demand that she belong to him completely, making a clean sweep of all that has preceded her involvement with him. He will never, for instance, sympathize with her nostalgia over past romances or heartbreaks.

If he has practically no problem in entering a union, many difficulties nevertheless lie in wait for him once the first step has been taken. His obstreperous misogyny is instrumental in turning his home into a permanent battlefield - few women, if any, could bear his humiliating attitude indefinitely. He may consistently fail to arouse his mates as he is unable to create a romantic atmosphere and provide sufficient mental stimulation before each embrace. Finally, his performances in bed generally prove all too brief to any woman’s liking.

Curiously enough, the native, who can pride himself on the number of his conquests and on his capacity for sex, is disinclined to infidelity. It seems that when he belongs to a woman, he really means to honor his obligation, certainly not out of moral considerations but more probably out of self-respect. However, he will readily accept divorce, happy to recover his freedom and be in a position to go hunting again - until he falls in love once more!

Unsentimental as he is, the Tiger male is always on wonderful terms with his children. He loves and understands them perfectly. And he communicates to them his enthusiasm, his impetuosity, his passion for life.

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