Dog Man in Marriage

A man born in the year of the Dog, friendly and open, loves to defend the truth and help people. All his life he fights against injustice, often sacrificing personal interests. For marriage, this is perhaps the ideal option. He is honest with the second half, loyal and devoted companion. The Dog is incapable of deceit and meanness. Perfidy and senseless intrigues are disgusting. Perhaps he will not give you thrills and dizzying love, but will become a strong support for life.

A Dog is not a hunter or a seducer, but he can feel the woman’s soul and make her feel very warm. Next to him is calm and cozy. This is a non-conflict person, it’s easy to get along with him both in everyday life and in serious life issues. The main drawback of this man is that he draws in imagination the image of an ideal girl, sometimes not noticing the real and living. Hard to please him, but if you won the heart of the romantic Dogs, know that it is forever.

How to Marry a Dog Man

You can safely get acquainted first, but do not overdo it. Be discreet, polite and feminine. Start from afar, become his friend. The Dog values friendship very much, he is an excellent listener, he knows how to keep secrets. You can boldly pour out his soul and not be afraid of publicity. In return, such a person expects the same fidelity and decency. He tolerates treachery extremely painfully.

Sometimes a Dog likes to talk about himself, about his problems. But it is only open to trusted people. Nevertheless, he reluctantly talks about his personal life. Discuss the second half for him is unacceptable. If the Dog parted with the beloved, then, as a rule, blames himself. Excessive sentimentality, self-criticism and dreams of the ideal often prevent him from being happy and enjoying what he has.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

So, the main task of the girl is to get as close as possible to the ideal, to give Dog man the perfection and spiritual beauty to which he so strives. Do not be harsh and familiar, do not use bad words. The Dog is easy to offend, but he does not allow "to sit on his head". He just will not connect fate with a rough, man-like woman who will constantly humiliate him. A Dog needs a devoted and gentle friend who understands it from a half-word.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

The Dog treats marriage very seriously, but can pull with the offer because of its indecisiveness. He is afraid of rejection, so he prefers the sweet torment of the unknown, instead of figuring out the girl’s feelings directly. Open up before the Dog man, show him love and affection, do not be ashamed to talk about it. Arrange a romantic surprise for a guy, admit how you value your relationship. Having earned the full confidence of the Dog, you do not have to wait long for the wedding.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

The Dog male does not accept tactless behavior, silly whims, quibbles and loyalty checks. Your communication with other men should not even have a hint of flirting or careless play. The Dog is not jealously demonstrative, but very afflicted in his soul. In the beginning of acquaintance he can escape from the frivolous young lady, but in the midst of the relationship, driving a loyal friend is not so easy. The Dog will not leave you, but instead of sweetening the novel with jealousy, he will fall into depression. And then you already have to babysit a sad friend.

The Most Important Thing!

A Dog is looking for that woman who will be able to give him warmth and faithfulness. The ideal of such a person is a virtuous, humble and compassionate girl who knows how to listen and give wise advice. Relations with the Dog will be harmonious and happy only if your love is sincere, and the thoughts are pure. If you marry him for mercenary calculation, then you can not hide the true relationship for a long time. People of this sign have a wonderful intuition, they easily recognize lies.

Dog Man Personality in Marriage

The man of this sign is a traditional and conservative person. Life with him is usually stable and monotonous. It can not be said that the Dogs do not have mistresses. However, only an inconsiderate and stale wife can push him towards it. The spouse will never make his wife hurt intentionally. He does not gallop from boredom or idleness, but only from pain and betrayal. Such men are rare. If the relationship with the Dog is spoiled, he will hide in the shell of mistrust and resentment, and pull it out will be very difficult.

Many Dogs become henpecked husbands in marriage. They gladly give the reins of government to their wife, because they themselves do not like to rule and lead. But at the same time, the Dog must be sure that his wife is prudent and worthy to become the head of the family. It requires matrimonial fidelity and maximum honesty. He does not forgive betrayal. By betraying him once, you will forever lose the husband’s trust and trample on the sublime and quivering love.

Dog Man as a Husband

The man of this sign loves order and quality. He is diligent and studious, he will never sit without work. Any organization needs such valuable specialists. Therefore, the Dog is quite capable of providing himself and the family with the all necessary resources. Laziness is not inherent in him. Most of the representatives of this sign work until the fall and do not spare their health. The Dog man carries everything into the house and can not take anything out of the house.

Dog Man as a Father

Men born in the year of the Dog, by nature humanists, so their methods of raising children are soft and creative. Their main goal is to grow from a child a decent person from a capital letter. They have been teaching their offspring to work since childhood, they are pleased to prepare kids for school, and then they help with homework. For the Dog parent, there is nothing worse than a teenage lazybob. Often he requires too much from the child, not allowing him to enjoy a carefree childhood. Usually such children become excellent pupils and activists, but breaking away from the parental care, they can start all the hard. The Dog father needs to talk more with the child on sensitive topics, to interpret not only good, but also to teach to resist temptations.

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