Dragon Man in Marriage

Despite the formidable and frightening name, this eastern sign represents success, optimism, extraversion and a thirst for life. A man born in the year of the Dragon is a passionate conqueror, before the refined tactics of which no beauty girl can stand. He is always in the center of attention and hypnotizes people with his magical charm. The Dragon has a lot of fans since his youth, he breaks the girl’s heart one by one, and does not even notice it. The novel with this man resembles a fascinating series with unexpected twists and unforgettable emotions.

The Dragon is born under a lucky star. Men envy him, and women fall in love without memory. Among the Dragons there are many charming ladies-lovers, but usually there is no deceit and meanness in their souls. Such cavaliers are interested in the very process of conquering and seducing girls. The Dragon does not set out to become a fatal man and break someone’s fate. But, despite being open to people, he is quite proud and conceited. The entire spiritual world of this powerful predator revolves around his ego.

How to Marry a Dragon Man

The man of this sign in every way avoids marriage and serious relationships. He is too independent to give his heart to a mortal woman. The Dragon adores fleeting intrigues, he is moved by the indefatigable thirst for new sensations. Usually his feelings for women are superficial. Dragon man and deep selfless love - things are almost incompatible. But often such women’s sailors dream an unattainable ideal, and therefore they can not find a worthy girl.

What to do to tame the dazzling Dragon? Become an ideal - you will say. But no, it’s not. The image of the weightless goddess, who admires the Dragon, will dissolve as soon as she touches the ground. Such a man is able to worship only what he imagined. He treats the living girls quite differently.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

Dragon man is very picky about the second half. His woman should be smart and beautiful, fun and mysterious. But most importantly - the chosen one should admire the dignity of the beloved, see him as a hero and always put him in the first place. If the girl behaves differently, the Dragon will decide that she is stupid, because she could not appreciate the scale of his intelligence and talents. Without thinking twice, the eccentric chevalier will throw a silly girl and go looking for the more "smarter" lady.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

Marrying a Dragon is a super complicated task. The most effective tactic is always to satisfy desires, read his thoughts and support your beloved boyfriend in everything. Imagine that your man is a sultan, and you are a beautiful Roksolana, who managed to kindle the feelings of a loved one every day anew. The Dragon loves compliments, but not cheap flattery. He wants to be praised deservedly, because the achievements of this brilliant man are really huge.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

Do not think that the path to the heart of the Dragon is blind submission. At the beginning of a relationship, a woman needs to get the obstinate hunter to seek her love and disposition. If the fortress falls prematurely, he will quickly lose interest in the girl and send her to the archive of the nameless victims. When the novel is in full swing, you can not fight the Dragon, cause his anger or jealousy. Relations with him - not a duel between two passionate personalities, but an alliance in which the man dominates.

The Most Important Thing!

The Dragon must be sure that you consider him superman and real hero. Only in this case, the girl will get a chance to bask in the rays of his glory, if not all his life, then at least for a while. Reproaches, humiliation and criticism are unacceptable in dealing with the Dragon male. He can carry you in his arms, but only in gratitude that you are nursing with him. If you have a vulnerable soul and a proud heart, wear comfortable shoes and run away. You have nothing to do next to the proud and regal Dragon.

Dragon Man Personality in Marriage

If you did manage to make it to your husband, remember that your strength - in your weakness. Obey your spouse in everything, put it on a pedestal of delight and emotion. It is very difficult to keep this man, like other freedom-loving men. They are not ashamed of adultery and even being family people, continue their countless conquests. The couple remains either to reconcile with this, or to break the marriage ties. The Dragon can remain a ladies’ man in adulthood too, but there are chances that after 40 years of his interest to love adventures will subside.

A person born under this sign will not dance to someone else’s pipe. He always recognizes that someone wants to use he. The astute mind of the Dragon does not allow deceiving or overplaying him. The best way to communicate with this man is sincerity. If you praise your husband, then do it with all your heart. Your love should be genuine, not faked. If you are not satisfied with such a union, there is only one way out - to leave.

Dragon Man as a Husband

With such a husband, the house will always be a full cup. A typical Dragon is a successful wealthy person who knows the value of himself and his work. He is rather generous both to beautiful words and to gifts. Although the representative of this sign craves worship and submission in marriage, he rarely becomes a tyrant. In extreme cases, he simply throws a woman who does not fit his ideas about an exemplary wife. Mean Dragons are rare. They know how to save up treasures, but with the same joy they are ready to share for the benefit of the family.

Dragon Man as a Father

The immense generosity of this man extends to posterity. Often he has children from different women, whom he willingly helps financially. In each of his children, the Dragon sees a part of himself, but how can one offend or deny what is so similar to you ?! He tries to give children an excellent education or, at least, to educate them in a punchy, strong and purposeful. The Dragon will allow the child to be independent, and will not control every step of it. For all this, children adore their father. Despite all the cons and shortcomings, it remains for them an ideal.

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