Horse Man in Marriage

The Horse is an amazing sign of the eastern horoscope. A man born this year is smart and talented, eloquent and charming. It is easy to distinguish him in a crowd with a lively look and a kindly expression. From it sparkles positive energy, it is pleasant to communicate with him in any situation. The Horse guy is never deprived of the attention of the girls. He quickly falls in love, but also quickly cools and finds another hobby.

Horses are very fickle people. Stable they have only inexhaustible optimism and a thirst for new knowledge. Rarely such a person experiences deep love, his words are very poetic, but the feelings are fleeting. Today he is inspired by unearthly love, devotes touching verses to the girl, and tomorrow he sings another serenade. To satisfy his creative nature, a Horse must always fall in love, experiencing freshness and novelty of sensations.

How to Marry a Horse Man

If you are set for a stable lasting marriage, think seven times whether it is worth tying fate with this man. Of course, this is a wonderful person and a bright personality, but for a family life he is not created. Horses - good friends and colleagues, they always come to the rescue, when you are tightened life routine, cheer up and help you have fun. The Horse man looks at the world simply and does not complicate his life with small problems.

The man of this sign is not against marriage, he does not tolerate loneliness, but often frivolously treat family responsibilities. The Horse does not like to stay at home, it is in constant movement - traveling, visiting friends and cultural institutions or just sitting in a cafe. Sometimes he can collect friends at home to spend a good time watching the movie. Perhaps you need just such a husband?

Behavior of the Sweetheart

A Horse male is killed by boredom and monotony. If you continually load it with your problems and experiences, he will run away for a long time. The Horse can be frightened off by the slightest infringement on his freedom. No, do not think that he does not care about your desires and feelings, he is just used to taking only good and pleasant from life. He does not run from problems, but only solves them as they arrive. Become his adherent, look with him in one direction and then you will find not only a caring husband, but also an understanding friend.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

The Horse is not in a hurry to buy the girl an engagement ring. He can throw the whole world to your feet, but the idea of registering a marriage for the Horse is a whole tragedy! To marry a freedom-loving steed, submit the idea of marriage creatively. Say that it will be some kind of adventure, an unusual and original event that will beautify your already colorful relationship. Convince the guy that after the wedding you will spend time even more pleasant and interesting. Force to drag the Horse man under the wedding crown will not work, you need cunning female tricks.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

Do not be a bore, do not take yourself too seriously. Horse man is happy to communicate with all the fair sex, but he is looking for a soul mate. Do not arrange daily disassembly and scenes of jealousy. This you do not retrain the Horse. He will be sociable and gracious with everyone, so making him a good child does not work out. Do not try to split him with friends or make change work. If the Horse likes something, he will never give it up to please a woman.

The Most Important Thing!

Be different, surprise your beloved man, make him pleasant surprises. It is not necessary to laugh and tell anecdotes all day. You can be sad and thoughtful, the main thing is that you always have a zest, a mystery that the Horse will want to unravel. Do not let the guy get bored. At best, he will remain beautifully your friend, and at worst - leave in English maner, and then look for winds in the field!

Horse Man Personality in Marriage

If the marriage happened spontaneously, in a fit of hot feelings, then after a short time the spouse "will sober up" and understand that he made a mistake. He can completely lose interest in his wife, go to a new passion, and then suddenly return, asking forgiveness on his knees. In short, a Horse male is very unpredictable. The environment is hard to understand what motivates him - strange love, the need to fuel inspiration or banal levity.

To strengthen marriage with the Horse, you need to change with him and give him complete freedom. If you do not want to go to a meeting with friends this evening, let him go alone. If he values you, he will definitely return home, wherever he may be. A horse wants a spouse to understand his strange, but incredibly rich inner world. The secret of a long relationship with him is to first become his friend, his "double", in which he would see a reflection of himself.

Horse Man as a Husband

People of this sign are very enterprising and cunning. They do not like to work hard, but they have the talent to break a big jackpot. For the sake of a dream, such a man can do the impossible. Each horse has a clear life goal, but often his favorite occupation does not bring much money. Often the wives of these men have to build their own careers in order not to need anything. But if your husband is lucky to build a successful business or to earn decent fees, he will not spare any money for you.

Horse Man as a Father

He gives children complete freedom. Of course, and the Horse has its own principles and methods of rearing the offspring, but they are never strict and old-fashioned. The Horse father is in step with the times. He tries to become a friend to the child, so children willingly share with him secrets and experiences. The horse educates the offspring creatively, from childhood instills in him a love of art and aesthetics. His children attend dance clubs and singing, participate in school self-activity, early become independent. With the father-Horse you can talk on any topic. He will not punish the child for mistakes, because he believes that everyone should learn from their own experience.

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