Monkey Man in Marriage

A man born under the sign of the Monkey, the real master of women’s hearts. This is a charismatic and extraordinary person. Relations with him will be bright and exciting, but in the family life the Monkey will bring a lot of trouble. He has no insidious intentions to spoil someone’s fate, but judging by his loving behavior, he does not spare any female nerves at all. Girls are easily fascinated by the Monkey, but soon realize that the secret to its popularity is love for oneself. Yes, the people of this sign almost adore themselves, have a high self-esteem and take everything from life.

This attitude to yourself provides a positive attitude to the Monkey male and an excellent state of health. Why toil for little things or sad about someone, if life is so beautiful?! The monkey is confident that he can conquer any woman he wants. Indeed, he has an innate charm, as well as the art of seducing the weaker sex. The man of this sign has an excellent sense of humor, knows how to make chic compliments. The Monkey man looks so beautifully that the girl seems as if she was in a fairy tale.

How to Marry a Monkey Man

This person does not need gray mice and house modest women. He chooses brave, original and even outrageous girls. But to find out whether his feelings are true is rather difficult. Monkey man is generous to the female sex as such. He does not spare money for luxurious bouquets and expensive gifts, can arrange a surprise for a woman in public. Such a gentleman loves a demonstration and loud words, but, as you know, love and happiness like silence.

To understand if the girl is dear to him, one must look at not words and courtship, but what place she takes in his life. If Monkey has serious intentions, he will introduce his beloved to all friends and relatives, will dedicate it to his affairs and plans, talk about doubts and even ask for advice. He will see the person in her and be proud of the fact that he has such a clever woman.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

Be sincere and natural, rely on intuition. The Monkey loves frank communication and at the same time he feels a weakness for flattery. Praise and compliments are the key to his heart. Do not be afraid to praise your beloved, your words will be a kind of advance for his future achievements. Encouraging the Monkey, you thereby make it better. Do not encroach on his freedom, find a common language with fellow friends. Thus you arrange for yourself a person whose potential is huge, and the imagination is inexhaustible. A joint life with him can be a gift of fate.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

The Monkey Man will be happy to give you expensive jewelry, but the wedding ring is not in a hurry to buy. In relationships, he is more guided by common sense than with the heart. Therefore, the charming cunning will not think everything over before giving you the legal rights of the wife. Do not rush your boyfriend, for such a serious act the Monkey takes time. He needs to make sure that the future wife will not cause problems after the wedding. Under the problems, the Monkey understands the restriction of one’s freedom, reproaches and claims, a boring family routine. Look at marital life as a holiday. Promise that you will live every day in a special way. The Monkey will not be able to resist such a proposal!

Typical Mistakes of Girls

The Monkey guy may seem fussy and frivolous, but the girlfriend does not need to try to "reason" the lover. Share his cheerful, and sometimes crazy mood. Optimism and carelessness help the Monkey to experience life’s difficulties. Learn to look at the world through his eyes. Any attempts to make a beloved man more seriously fail, and he decides that you are a bore. In fact, your guy is a purposeful person and knows perfectly well what he wants from life.

The Most Important Thing!

A Monkey man will only be with the one who pays him enough attention - notices successes and supports him, is interested in his affairs and always puts him above other men. Such a person can turn a blind eye to physical treason, but much worse perceives the spiritual. In this case, the Monkey is capable of a rush of violent jealousy. Do not extol your former or familiar men in the presence of your chosen one, do not compare him even with the most successful people.

Monkey Man Personality in Marriage

A typical Monkey is not vindictive. If your relationship ends with the separation, then he will certainly offer you friendship and help. Such a husband will never show stinginess or cruelty. It is open and real, it can flare up, but it cools down quickly. Always go to meet his wife, who wants reconciliation. It’s easy to establish relations with the Monkey. To do this, it is enough to speak in a pleasant calm tone and make him some kind of compliment.

Remember that the wife of the Monkey should be in the first place. Seeing that you have ceased to adore him and pamper him, he will go to another, more attentive and sensitive. Sometimes he allows himself pretense and covetousness, but only in order to decorate family life. But in Monkeys it turns out almost imperceptibly, naturally and beautifully. Try and you make a marriage taste of sophistication and originality.

Monkey Man as a Husband

With him you will be dressed, shod and confident of tomorrow. The monkey-owner surrounds himself with quality and beautiful things, equipping the family nest with expensive and tasteful. He is quite enterprising and cunning in order to organize workers, and to hand out instructions himself in a comfortable chair. But if need be, the Monkey does not disdain heavy physical work. Usually he is a jack of all trades.

Monkey Man as a Father

The representative of this sign does not drive children into strict limits, does not punish offenses. His methods are democratic and humane. Possessing eloquence and courtesy, the Monkey-father will always find a common language with both a small capricious child and a "difficult" teenager. He likes to pamper kids, buy them toys and goodies. Being spiritually mature, he no longer thinks of his life without a beautiful offspring, who can be proud of.

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