Ox Man in Marriage

Men born in the year of the Ox are hardworking and conservative. Usually they are excellent husbands and caring fathers. Such a person comes to marriage very seriously, because he believes that this is one time and for a lifetime. But he can remain unmarried if he does not find a worthy bride. Inside each Ox, a sensitive romantic is slumbering, but it will not be possible to recognize him immediately. In appearance, he seems morose and uncompromising. Indeed, Oxen are very stubborn, but this trait helps them achieve success and uphold their interests.

The Ox man stands firmly on the ground, he has no wings behind him. He works on his goal every day a little, builds his ancestral castle stone by stone. He rarely has ups and downs, because his life is equal, not like a springboard. The Ox is rather shy in relationship with the beautiful sex, but if he likes the girl, he will seek her attention long and persistently. Another option is also possible - an Ox guy in love will not dare to open his feelings and will be tormented by unrequited love.

How to Marry an Ox Man

A typical representative of this eastern sign is monogamous and does not seek adventure in his personal life. An Ox-student can go headlong into studies and did not even notice the sweet girlfriends around him. But such a guy can become a true friend, he is always ready to give a helping hand. The best strategy to win an Ox male heart is first to make friends with him, to show herself as an interesting person and like-minded person.

Candy-flower period of courtship is also important for the Ox man, as well as for his chosen one. True it is worth noting that taking care of his beloved girl, he does not show any special imagination. Do not expect millions of scarlet roses and bizarre balls with congratulations on your birthday. He is convinced that all gifts should be primarily useful. So do not be surprised if your guy directly asks what you need.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

To some extent, the Ox is the owner. He did not want his fiancee gazed at the other. He can limit her freedom, because he believes that his company is enough for her. The conclusion is one: do not "turn your tail" in front of a Ox male. He does not understand the hints, and also does not like when he is satisfied with the checks for jealousy. For example, he calls, and you do not pick up the phone all day. A man of another type can quit all business, buy a chic bouquet and the most delicious sweets, and then come running to you to apologize for something he himself did not understand. But the Ox guy, most likely, will decide that you do not need him or wait until you "get rid of yourself."

Get Him to Propose Marriage

Often such men are delayed with the wedding, thinking too long this responsible step. In this case, you can gently hint that it is time for you to legalize the relationship. If you tell him about your girlfriendโ€™s weddings or describe TV programs on this topic, he decides that you yourself really want to wear a white dress. In extreme cases, we can say about this directly, for example, "I dream to quickly become your wife." Oxen take everything literally, they have no desire to solve ladiesโ€™ riddles.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

Many women in relationships with men put their interests and vagaries on the first place. They require constant attention and are offended by small things. But the Ox man likes discreet and prudent girls. If the woman behaves selfishly and demonstratively, he will conclude that this is not his person and will break the complex relationship. Although representatives of this sign are very attached to their beloved, but they will not endure constant reproaches and performances.

The Most Important Thing!

The girl, who has been dating a Ox guy, will need patience and endurance. He is stingy at beautiful words, but you need to look at deeds. Did he help you when you were in a difficult situation? Did he visit when you were sick? Did he give you his jacket when you froze? If the answers to these questions are positive, you can not doubt your choice. Next to you is a person you can rely on.

Ox Man Personality in Marriage

He requires little from his wife - to be a good mistress, to respect his parents, to take care of children and to keep him faithful. He quickly becomes accustomed to the woman he loves and for him itโ€™s not so important, does she every day a chic hairstyle or not. The Ox husband wants that the house always had delicious hot food, cleanliness and order. He adheres to stability in everything. The wife becomes for him a dear and darling, and such a marriage is doomed to be reliable.

The Ox man is rather temperamental in bed, but he is conservative and does not require anything unusual from the partner. He rarely goes to treason, especially the spiritual. For him, marriage is sacred. It is difficult to win such a man, but to keep it quite easily, but on condition that the spouse will be decent and wise. If it does not correspond to his ideal of a woman, the Ox can make a decent lover and even go to her from his wife.

Ox Man as a Husband

A person born under this sign is endowed with enterprise and perseverance. His wife will be behind him like a stone wall, and the family will never starve. The Ox appreciates quality in everything. He prefers expensive but useful purchases. He wants to see the spouse economical and prudent. Checks for bread will not be demanded, but can scold for unnecessary and unnecessary waste. Usually he dedicates his wife to his affairs and financial matters, but only if she can be trusted.

Ox Man as a Father

He does not take care of children very much, but he educates them traditionally and strictly. Such a father will not allow them to need the most necessary, but he will not allow them to spend money thoughtlessly either. The Ox tries to give the child a good education, and then to find a stable job. Being wary of their choice of friends, warns against bad habits and bad companies. Because of the rejection of free thinking and disobedience, serious conflicts with children may arise. In general, the male ox perfectly copes with his duties husband and father. He will provide stability and prosperity, and his household should thank him with obedience and respect.

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