Pig Man in Marriage

The representative of the last Chinese calendar sign can be called a unique person. Nature has endowed him with valuable personal qualities and great potential. The Pig man is reliable not only as a friend and colleague, but also as a husband. He needs a strong and harmonious family. For such a person, all aspects of the relationship are equally important: spiritual, emotional, intimate. He does not start frivolous novels, and falling in love, sincerely believes that he will live with this woman all his life.

A Pig man does not go roundabout, if he liked the girl. In communication with the beautiful sex he is always gallant, so it’s no surprise that the ladies are being carried on his spell. The Pig has no desire to conduct love adventures, he is looking for a serious relationship. He is a reliable and decent person with a great caring heart and a great sense of humor. In courtship, he is always sincere and direct, to take care of the girl and protects her as the apple of the eye.

How to Marry a Pig Man

A distinctive feature of this man is openness. He always acts within the framework of moral laws, if he violates them, it is only because of strong love. A partner in life chooses from free women, other people’s wives do not interest him. Having fallen in love, the Pig guy immediately talks about his feelings, can do it loudly and demonstratively, but truthfully. In girls he values honesty and naturalness. The Pig is not interested in short-term novels, it seeks a wife for a stable and strong marriage.

The ideal woman for the representative of this sign is classic - feminine, sensitive and prudent. If you possess such traits, feel free to meet the Pig man. You have every chance to win his manly heart. If he likes a girl, then there are no other women for him. This does not mean that the Pig will stop communicating with friends, classmates or colleagues. He is quite sociable, but falling in love, goes into the senses with a head.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

Women of the old school will perfectly suit the role of the Pig bride. The belief that the path to the beloved’s heart lies through the stomach, to men of this sign is directly relevant. Treat him with delicious dinners, take care of him. Become a good listener for your partner, empathize with him. Only romantic girls with good taste and sense of humor will be able to conquer the Pig male. For a man of this sign is important kinship of souls. Become a mysterious heroine of the classic novel for him, and in return he will be your faithful knight for the rest of his life.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

If you want to marry a Pig male, stick to a constant thoughtful tactic. He does not tolerate impermanence and whims. If you decide to engage in a serious relationship with this person, do not shy away from frank conversations, do not disappear for several days. The Pig must feel secure support, see in you a good friend and a faithful bride. If the girl betrays him, then there can be no question of any wedding. Pig does not forgive such actions. He is ready to marry only the one who will provide him with spiritual and physical harmony and will completely belong to him.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

The Pig is very afflicted with coldness and indifference. Imagine that today you are nice and affable, and tomorrow you decided to test his nerves and become self-absorbed. Pig man will persistently try to melt you, but, not having achieved results, will throw. Will suffer and experience, so much and loudly that many beautiful girls will wish to console an unfortunate sufferer. Always go to compromise with the Pig, if you do not want to lose such a valuable man. Do not hide from him the secrets, it is better to tell all at once, than to spoil relations with inarticulums and mistrust.

The Most Important Thing!

From the very beginning of the relationship behave as if the Pig is already your husband. Behind him you will be like a stone wall, but you yourself must become the guardian of the family hearth. Forget about frivolous acts and flirting with friends. All this hurts Pig man deeply. He wants you to be his spiritual healer, not punishment. Having earned the trust of the Pig, you will read your chosen one as an open book, you will know him better than he knows himself.

Pig Man Personality in Marriage

The behavior of a male Pig in marriage is fairly peaceful and balanced. He understands his male responsibilities, does not shift the burden of responsibility to his wife. By nature Pig is cautious and distrustful, but falling in love, it is naive. Do not abuse this trait, because when he opens his eyes, he will not tolerate ingratitude and disrespect for his wife. Men of this sign go only to more worthy women, if they do not cut the spanking and give themselves time to figure out a new friend.

A Pig needs a lot of love and affection, including physical. If man feels a spiritual and sexual harmony in marriage, he is not looking for mistresses. But in the case of problems in the intimate life, he can satisfy the passion needs on the side, remaining a spiritually loyal to family. Sometimes with him, there are attacks of jealousy, but Pig’s is easy to calm. In general, this is a non-conflictful and flexible person, capable of becoming an exemplary family man.

Pig Man as a Husband

Among people born in this year are rare gigolos. The Pig husband needs to feel its advantage in everything. It is a real master and an earner. Any work he does with concentration and not hurrying. The Pig is industrious and enterprising, always full of useful ideas. Patience and self-control do not take him. In everyday life, this is not a difficult person, but does not accept disorder. A Pig man gives presents to his beloved wife, even if it is hard to work for it.

Pig Man as a Father

His love for children is boundless. A pig-father is an excellent example for a son and an unshakable ideal for a daughter. Rarely, which representative of this sign will leave the child and be able to live peacefully. Progeny for the Pig is sacred. The correct family values of the father form a healthy psychological foundation for his children. Usually such a family is not limited to one child. He did not mind being to large, thereby providing himself well-fed and peaceful old age.

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