Rabbit Man in Marriage

The person of this sign can be compared to all beloved beast of the same name. He has such valuable qualities as good nature and balance, mercy and faithfulness. In men born in the year of Rabbit, a calm friendly disposition. Despite certain principles and beliefs, they are able to bypass sharp angles and reach a compromise. Such people value family relationships very much and simply do not think of themselves without a big friendly family. Almost all representatives of this sign dream about a crowd of cute little children.

Rabbit is a rather sociable person, although he likes a cozy home environment more than noisy parties. It is easy to interest him, for this quite a warm smile or witty joke. Rabbit quickly becomes attached to women, but for a while studies them. He should be sure that his girlfriend is a good and decent girl, and he will not have to suffer because of her. Avoiding risk and adventures, Rabbit prefers household and moral comfort. Shakespeare’s stories with love tragicomedies, he clearly does not like.

How to Marry a Rabbit Man

The representative of this sign early tries to create a family. Usually he has no desire to "walk up". The bride can be calm - if the guy made her an offer, then the intentions of the beloved are the most serious. Rabbit realizes its responsibility, it reaches psychological maturity in his youth. If you are striving for a quiet comfortable life, then such a man for you is just a godsend!

Rabbit can not be called a master of seduction, but he is very courteous and takes care of his beloved in every possible way. In the depths of his soul lives an owner who does not want to share his woman with someone else. Rabbit is hard to forgive treason, but it’s equally difficult to break the relationship. Therefore, he does not hurry to let in the heart of a person whose devotion is uncertain. Rabbit is not a conqueror, if the girl herself does not know what she wants, the gentleman will not fool her head and just walk away. He does not need other people’s women, he is looking for the one that is ready for anything.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

Rabbit is easily frightened off by defiant and assertive behavior. It’s hard to imagine a rough girl or a dazzling business woman beside him. But there is one secret: Rabbit can become henpecked if the girl shows character after the wedding. He is a non-conflicting person, avoids quarrels as he can. It is easier for him to obey his wife than to try to tame her.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

To make Rabbit legitimate husband, you will not need any tricks. He is not afraid to create a family, and to be a family man is more a necessity for him than a burden. Do not be surprised if after a few dates the guy invites you to dinner with his parents. Rabbit can offer you a civil marriage, if he has modern views on relationships. But as soon as you hint that you want a real wedding, he will immediately take you by the hand and lead you to the altar.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

The Rabbit man does not accept constant vagaries and foolish discontent. Disassembly with a girl leads to a depression. He draws spiritual energy from a warm and peaceful dialogue, and not from dramatic scenes and love affairs. Do you crave Mexican passions? So you and Rabbit are not on the same path. Do not check his feelings by flirting with other men and constantly run away. Rabbit is not a great hunter, if he rushes after you, it will not last long.

The Most Important Thing!

This man’s classic ideal of the girl is feminine, decent, modest, good-natured. As soon as he realizes that he has "figured out" her, she will immediately offer her to marry. With him there will be no heartbreaking melodrama, but you will find a reliable and reliable companion. Rabbits are striving for a harmonious marriage, they are simply created for this. Remaining his ideal, keeping husband will not make much effort. He is your forever.

Rabbit Man Personality in Marriage

People born under this sign conclude marriages for life. The very thought of divorce causes Rabbit unbearable pain. But this does not mean that such a spouse can sit on his head. Remember that Rabbit is fluffy only in appearance, but his teeth are sharp! He can think for a long time and suffer from doubts, but one day he will sharply break off relations. Will go to the one that is capable of providing him with the desired comfort and necessary coziness.

Rabbit male will not find fault with his wife in small things. Unnecessary domestic disputes do not bring him any pleasure. But in serious things, he is very principled. Rabbit will not allow the spouse to spend money on empty entertainment at a time when the family needs more useful and practical purchases. The wife is obliged to prepare well and devote all free time to home and children.

Rabbit Man as a Husband

This man does well with the role of a family earner. Perhaps he will not earn a chic villa near the sea, but his relatives will have everything they need. Sometimes the Rabbit can tinker in the kitchen, allowing his wife to take a break from the household chores. He knows the work in the garden, he will gladly grow clean and healthy products. You do not have to convince your husband to fix the tap for a week. Rabbit himself sees where something has broken down and immediately starts to make a right. Such a person may seem lazy, but his slowness goes to doing good. Rabbit does any job leisurely, but qualitatively.

Rabbit Man as a Father

People born under this eastern sign never abandon their children. They are capable of self-sacrifice for the sake of posterity. Rabbit surrounds with caring and love of his little rabbits, and in old age receives well-deserved gratitude. Since childhood, he has instilled in them true family values. Brothers and sisters grow up friendly, cherish family ties more than money, career or reputation. The Rabbit family is not perfect, but it is very close to the ideal. Although the reverse side of this medal can manifest itself in excessive custody of the child. Rabbit prone to control it and in adulthood, to interfere in the fate of his child does not allow himself to make own decisions.

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