Rat Man in Marriage

Men born in the year of the Rat are interesting, sociable and multifaceted individuals. They are charming and never lack the attention of women. Ratโ€™s youth is full of stormy romances, but marriage takes a very important place in his worldview. Such a man may seem frivolous, but in fact, he is able to become a wonderful and caring husband.

The paradox of this sign is that it gives a person peace and balance, on the one hand, but emotional and energetic - on the other. A Rat male can change right before your eyes: from a white and fluffy beast, he becomes an active and determined leader.

How to Marry a Rat Man

At the beginning of the relationship, people of this sign crave a storm of emotions and impressions. They revel in the state of being in love, draw inspiration and vitality from it. Itโ€™s easy to like such a guy, because he admires the female genre as a whole. He is interesting in communication, he is able to flirt and beautifully care for the girl. To nourish interest in yourself, you need to be feminine and mysterious, to notice the dignity of your chosen one and appreciate him as a person.

The Rat male loves the female society, but he takes seriously the marriage. He has many friends, including girls, but he opens his soul only to those people who deserve his trust. Therefore, a woman needs to make a lot of effort to win such a man and get a marriage ring from him. A Rat can be fascinated by the beauty and charm of a girl, but he is able to distinguish a sensible lady from a windy woman.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

A man of this sign loves when his chosen one is different. He is often unpredictable, but in dealing with the Rat you need to observe the limits of decency. It is unlikely that he will like it if a girl starts to openly flirt with other men, trying to provoke his jealousy. You should not eclipse a boyfriend in a society, show your superiority and emphasize his shortcomings. A Rat likes intelligent and strong women, but like any normal man, he does not accept disrespectful attitude.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

A Rat man canโ€™t stand when they are being pressed on him, so you should not talk openly about marriage. You can gently hint, but not words, but actions. Make it clear to your lover that you are ready for a life together. Often invite him to a delicious dinner, show interest in his home and parents. The Rat male wants to feel care on your part, because he sees in the constant girl the keeper of the family hearth and the mother of his children. Stay close when he needs your support and love, and then your romance will gradually grow into a strong harmonious family.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

A man born under the sign of the Rat is not attracted by "masculine" women. If his girlfriend behaves like a little girl, then at the beginning of the relationship it can encourage him and amuse him. But for a long time such a novel does not last. At best, they will remain friends, and at worst - he will simply forget her. From the girl should smell romantic and tender, although if at the right time a woman will show a character and firmness - her chosen one will appreciate it. Do not be boring and dull. Rat man is energetic, but needs the same cheerful partner.

The Most Important Thing!

To marry a representative of this sign, it is necessary to be interesting and feminine, as well as sincere and open. A Rat does not mind that a woman intrigues him constantly, but he painfully tolerates lies and betrayal. If you hide the truth and become self-absorbed, your chosen one can respond in kind. He just be shielded from you by a wall of work and life. To restore the confidence of the Rat will be difficult, because of omissions and suspicions, attitudes can go downhill.

Rat Man Personality in Marriage

Even if you managed to consolidate your feelings officially, do not rush to relax and fall into euphoria. First, the husband will be infinitely devoted to you, you will not have the thought of betrayal. Rat-Husband - a good match, but it is not ideal. His love is a highlight and a disadvantage at the same time. After the wedding, he can behave like a boy in love, but when the hour of the family crisis comes, he will want to seek solace on the side.

To keep such a man, you need to keep attractiveness and diligently monitor your appearance. A grumbling wife in a dirty homemade dressing gown and a soup pot in her hands brings an unbearable yearning for the Rat husband. A woman must surprise him every day with new ideas, take care of herself and the comfort of a family nest. Pleasant surprises and gifts with their own hands will please your husband, because despite the practicality and dedication, he remains a romantic with a rich inner world.

Rat Man as a Husband

Representatives of this eastern sign are fully capable of providing the family with everything necessary. They will not lie on the couch and dream of a golden rain from the sky. Rat husband is always in search of new ways to earn capital and achieve success in a career. Often such men become famous personalities and brilliant businessmen. From wives, they require support and compliance with a certain status. In other words, a wife should have a high intellect, be a good companion and a bright companion at social events.

Rat husband likes to establish his order in the house, but usually his advice is useful, and the requirements are quite reasonable. This does not mean that the wife is forced to bow her head and constantly agree. In the kitchen she will remain a full-fledged mistress, and all her household wishes will be taken into account by her caring husband.

Rat Man as a Father

Representatives of this sign adore offspring, they try to give them all the best and often approach to education creatively. A rat will not refuse to read a fairy tale to a child or sing a merry song. Such a husband will not entrust all cares for children to his wife. He is actively involved in the process of education and helps his wife in domestic matters. The Rat Father wants his child to visit different circles and develop comprehensively.

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