Rooster Man in Marriage

Rooster man can not be called too pleasant person. People born this year are full of contradictions. They are impulsive, rectilinear, "cut the truth" without thinking about the consequences. Although, if you look closely, the Rooster may seem a very mysterious and attractive person. He never reveals himself completely, often his words and actions diverge from what is happening in the soul. This causes internal disharmony and anxiety, because of which the Rooster male suffers silently. Itโ€™s hard for him to show true feelings and real weakness in front of a woman.

Externally, the Rooster looks like a stylish and well-groomed gentleman, which attracts the attention of the fair sex. He is able to make love beautifully in the beginning of the relationship. But very quickly this temperamental person-Cockerel will show a harmful character. Young male Roosters are completely inappropriate for marriage. Ready for family life only spiritually mature representatives of this sign, which managed to stuff a lot of bumps and a little bit to settle down.

How to Marry a Rooster Man

Like the bird of the same name, the man of this sign needs not one devoted woman, but in general a harem of cute chickens. The Rooster starts many fleeting novels and absolutely does not know how to remain faithful. But if he falls in love for real, then he will not resist marriage. Interest of such a man is easy, but it is extremely difficult to keep. All because of his faithfulness and infidelity. Sometimes he longs for romance and adventure, then fresh sexual sensations.

Obviously one thing - with a male Rooster you will never be bored. He has a high intellect, profound knowledge in various fields, graceful manners and eloquence. Sometimes he demands from the partner too much, although he is not perfect. It may happen that even the most passionate and suitable girl suddenly tires him and then the feathered Kazanova leaves her without any explanation.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

The rooster "pecks" only on well-groomed beautiful women. If you change the fashionable outfits for simple and comfortable clothes, and collect charming locks in a "home" bundle, then your fastidious guy will quickly lose interest in you. At best, he will begin to make remarks about your appearance. The Roosterโ€™s girl need not be a world beauty, it is much more important to have her own original style and always keep the brand. In addition to the pleasant appearance of the Rooster attracts the delicate mind of the partner. It does not suit, if during intellectual conversations the chosen one will only sit and say yes.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

The rooster is straightforward and does not like it if others darken. Want to marry him - say it directly, so that he knows exactly what to expect from you. You can conclude that such a relationship is devoid of all charm and romance, but it is not. A rooster is a man of mood. Today he is too serious and speaks frankly, and tomorrow he dreams and offers you a romantic trip. It is important to learn to catch his soulful spirit in order to foresee how to behave in a particular situation - to keep silent and tolerate or support and cheer up your restless guy.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

Often women mistakenly perceive the signals sent by the Rooster cavalier. He is too assertive at the time, as he wants to seem tender. This behavior can scare the girl away. The opposite also happens: The Rooster very clearly shows feelings that do not really exist. If such a man loves for real, he is embarrassed and backsliding, because to show love for him is almost the same as showing weakness. In any case, it is worth to look at it better, because the true essence of the Rooster is not immediately revealed.

The Most Important Thing!

To keep a man of this sign, you need to be a "high-class" lady in every way. He is such a person, which, in general, is difficult to understand. But he prefers only all the best. This applies to women. If a girl succeeds in capturing his mysterious heart, he will be betrayed to her for the rest of her life, at least in the spiritual sense. Favorite girl of Rooster will have to close eyes to his quick temper and forgive all potential treason.

Rooster Man Personality in Marriage

Men of this eastern sign are not prone to domestic tyranny. They are ready to give his wife some personal space, but in return they wait for everyday comfort and stability. In adulthood, Roosters become home-grown, savoring in their memories their adventures of youth. Sometimes a Rooster is jealous, but his jealousy quickly fades. Often, men born this year, arrange for spying on their spouses, bake them with suspicions and reproaches. They constantly think that his wife is hiding something.

Nevertheless, the Rooster rarely takes revenge. Even after a loud break with his wife, he immediately enjoys a new passion and forgets about the old troubles. Most Roosters know how to hide their mistresses. They can spend considerable money on them, and his wife will not even guess about it. The spouse should not play on the Roosterโ€™s jealousy. He is already picky and unpredictable. It is better to behave naturally and to guard the family nest with female wisdom.

Rooster Man as a Husband

Such a person does not avoid responsibility for the family and its welfare. In business, he is practical and prudent, but not stingy. From the first days of his conscience, his wife will feel generous. A typical Rooster does not require a report for purchases, because he himself can spend on a round sum. Report to his wife, he also will not. Surely every Rooster has a nice stash in a safe place. And suddenly he will have an unexpected love adventure - what should he do?

Rooster Man as a Father

Men of this sign are not deprived of a parental instinct, but they do not especially cuddle with children. Their methods of education are tactless, but when children grow up, they get the right to freedom and independence. Roosters tend to pass on to their offspring all their knowledge and skills, but since they do it in order, they receive ingratitude and protest. Rooster-father is rude and unrestrained, but in his heart he cherishes his chickens. It is especially difficult for him to communicate with a teenage child. A Rooster finds it hard to admit that he is wrong and go to reconciliation. The first step must always be made by children.

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