Snake Man in Marriage

A Snake man can be recognized by elegant appearance, aristocratic manners and innate charm. Astrologers identify this eastern sign with wisdom, will power, idealism and refinement. Representatives of the stronger sex, he gives a philosophical mind and bewitching charm. The Snake man society is pleasant for any lady. He knows how to take care, talk compliments, joke and maintain a conversation. There is always something mysterious in him, such a person is not fully revealed even with the closest people.

These eternal riddles make women fall in love with such men. At first you may think that this is the man of your dreams, the ideal, which was so colorfully described by the classics. But do not be in a hurry to rejoice: the Snake cavalier is only looking so attentive and attentive, but inside he is rather cold and calculating. This does not mean that Snakes can not love, but their love is no blind. They clearly see who gave their heart. The companion of the male snake must match his intelligence and status for one hundred percent.

How to Marry a Snake Man

People of this sign need marriage and a strong family. But before making a proposal to the girl, the Snake man will think carefully if she is worthy to give his freedom. Snakes love interesting and comprehensively developed women, with whom one can conduct intellectual conversations in quiet family evenings. Such a man talks with a beautiful gender on an equal footing, but can not stand if he is overshadowed.

The Snake occupies a special place in the Chinese zodiac. He is a man with a strong inner core, an innate intuition and a subtle analytical mind. The Snake man can feel any deception or trick. It is very difficult to deceive him, but it’s easier than getting caught in a network of dangerous spells. Snakes are capable of capturing hearts unnoticed, and in relationships require obedience and meekness. They will not bother with capricious and obstinate young ladies. Such concerns are of no use to them, because for the Snakes, their life goals are in the first place.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

To please a guy born under this sign, you have to diligently watch yourself, always look chic and improve your manners. Snake man - a real aristocrat. You need to constantly surprise him with good taste and stylish images. He loves change, but does not throw himself out of the fire into the water. Before doing anything, the Snake thinks well of the decision. He requires the same compliant behavior from a partner. This man does not want to deal with windy, stupid or desperate women.

Get Him to Propose Marriage

Show your best qualities, be sincere and natural. Calm and measured relations can sometimes be seasoned with spices of innocent pranks. To Snake man you married, he should make sure that your soul saw and he can read your heart. Once you earn his trust, the dream of marriage will become a reality. He will arrange an unforgettable wedding in the original style, will take care of the young wife in every possible way, and you will feel yourself in the seventh heaven with happiness. But do not relax: The Snake is restrained in manners, but rather loving. He rarely satisfied with one woman.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

Never enter into heated discussions with the Snake boy. You can express your opinion, but in the end you must accept the partner’s position. If you do not agree with his views, then at least respect them, avoid criticism and superfluous reasoning in your favor. The Snake will not waste time trying to convince you, it just makes a conclusion, then you are abstruse, wayward and disobedient. Such girls remain in their own interests.

The Most Important Thing!

Snake-Man wants admiration and obedience. Despite his mysterious nature, he does not like to puzzle over the riddles of the weaker sex. Do not confuse it with endless intrigues and puzzles. Your women’s games can lead to the fact that the Snake male will get tired and get rid of the relationships that give him trouble. He needs an interesting and bright woman, but she must belong only to him and not compromise his spiritual comfort.

Snake Man Personality in Marriage

The man of this sign needs spiritual conversations, but he can not fully open even to his beloved woman. Mistrust and suspicion are those negative qualities of the Snake that destroy the marriage in the first place. In the eyes of such a husband, the wife should look crystal clear. He is an owner and a terrible jealous man, although he himself does not mind going to the left. Women flock to his magical halo, like moths to the fire. Therefore, the spouse must be ready for the husband’s novels on the side.

Snake-men are not attracted by sharp changes in the situation and life turns. He also does not like surprises. The snake keeps everything under control. Do not do any business behind him. Your family will be classical and patriarchal. The Snake will not become henpecked, but all attempts to pacify it will end in parting.

Snake Man as a Husband

He used to make a living by intellectual labor. The man of this sign is clever and enterprising, but often is mean. This does not mean that the Snake is a hopeless miser. He is ready to give everything to a beloved woman, but he spends money with a cold mind. Instead of buying a bunch of useless trinkets, will get a really valuable and high-quality gift. He is ready to provide his wife with a luxurious life, because he sees in the woman a direct consequence of his success.

Snake Man as a Father

Other children are indifferent to this person, but he will take care of his relatives in full plan. One of the minuses of this sign is the insistent demand for gratitude for all of its virtues. This also applies to offspring. In old age, the Snake father will regularly remind the children how much he has done for them and what they owe him. In adulthood, such a person likes to teach everyone who is younger than him. Analytical thinking turns into pickiness and criticism. To avoid unnecessary conflicts with the Snake, children need to thank their father more often and show concern and respect for him.

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