Tiger Man in Marriage

The man leaves in the soul of the former girls indelible mark. He is bright, impulsive and charismatic. In his society, no one will be bored. The representative of this sign is a born leader with rebellious nature who writes his own rules of the game and does not want to obey the standards. For women, he gives unforgettable moments of romance and passion. Something heroic and chivalrous lives in his turbulent mysterious soul. Tiger is a man-holiday. It is easy to see him in the crowd, he radiates a strong internal magnetism.

Taming this fascinating predator is a very difficult task. But before his charm, no one girl can stand. The Tiger man is courteous, interesting and gallant. He is able to take care of the ladies and very adroitly steals their hearts. If the time comes for a break in the relationship, he prefers to leave beautifully. The tiger is very generous both materially and spiritually. Always happy to help his girlfriends, and acts like a real man.

How to Marry a Tiger Man

A person born under this sign likes confident and bright women. At first he carefully looks at the outer shell and feminine charms, but then assesses the lady as a person. Silly pacifiers with long eyelashes interest him only for one night. But a woman with a rich spiritual world and creative thinking is able to tie Tiger to her and hold on for quite some time.

It is not necessary to constantly wear huge heels and do super-make-up. It is enough to feed the Tiger’s interest with unpredictable behavior and fresh unconventional ideas. He is attracted to women by the combination of ice and flame, but this does not mean that you have to arrange jealousy every day, and then invite to reconciliation dinner.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

The life of the Tiger is a kaleidoscope of adventures and new emotions. He gets acquainted with many girls, but he stops only at those who are close to him in spirit. Therefore, the chosen one must constantly intrigue and surprise, inspire noble deeds and great achievements. To conquer the Tiger, you need to play several roles at once: like-minded and combat friend, a multifaceted personality, affectionate girl and an ardent mistress. Not every girl can play in this action-packed and thrilling film. Gray mice and house girls are not on the way with the Tiger!

Get Him to Propose Marriage

The Tiger man values personal freedom too much. Deep fall in love with a beautiful girl and spontaneously marry - it’s not about him. Although it’s no secret that such a man is amorous and constantly needs a company of his beloved woman. Can offer a girl a civil marriage, because the stamp in the passport for him is nothing. If you want a Tiger man to give you an official proposal of marriage, never start a conversation that after the wedding everything will change, that he need to become more serious and responsible, etc. Assure Tiger that in your marriage your life will be filled with romance and spirit of adventurism. Of course, you should not disclose this directly. More often discuss plans for a joint life, which relate to recreation, interesting undertakings and, in general, everything fresh and varied. Then an independent predator will not be afraid that you will lure him into a golden cage.

Typical Mistakes of Girls

For the Tiger, it’s normal to look at other people’s girlfriends. He can not flirt openly, but in the presence of the second half, he will not stop smiling with old acquaintances and classmates. Compliments for other women - this is not treason, but only the rule of Tiger’s exquisite manners. It is not worth every time to sulk and reproach the boyfriend, and even more so to find out the relationship in public. Of course, this hot macho is not against tickling the nerves, and to himself, and his passion, but in this you need to know the measure. Eternal grievances and claims will not benefit your relationship.

The Most Important Thing!

The Tiger has high demands on the beautiful sex. He always experiences creative metamorphosis, looking for new impressions, and his companion will have to change with him. If in one person he sees a harem of different women, he will want to associate fate with this beauty. The second half of the Tiger must have an adventurous nature with notes of bitchiness. Only in this way will she take her last place in his heart.

Tiger Man Personality in Marriage

It’s useless to hope that your husband will be faithful until the end of his life. You have to turn a blind eye to treason and petty intrigues. Fleeting passions of the spouse will not present threats for marriage. It is much more dangerous if Tiger finds in his mistress those qualities that his wife lacks. Such a man seldom lives with one woman until old age. Keep it difficult, but real. The Tiger’s wife should go with her head held high, do not lose dignity and charm, wisely treat his adventures to the left.

Despite the ardent temper, the Tiger husband rarely becomes a family tyrant. He does not need blind obedience and selfless adoration. He needs a brilliant companion at secular evenings, and not an eternal victim-housewife. He is jealous, but not pathologically. The Tiger is able to forgive the beloved if it was only physical. In the event of a divorce, he will easily offer to remain friends.

Tiger Man as a Husband

This person is a real earner and defender. He spends a lot of money on travel and entertainment, but not at the expense of his family. In his house should be the most beautiful furniture and utensils. Tigers are simply ashamed to look like a beggar. He spoils his wife with fashion new clothes and gold ornaments. The Tiger will not allow a roof to flow in the family castle, and the wife would go in rags. The woman of the charming predator will be a beautiful confirmation of his status and success.

Tiger Man as a Father

He is not too hard on children and often indulges their innocent whims. If the daughter wants a new doll, the father will take her to the store and easily buy the most expensive. Tigers are rarely mean, especially for those who are younger in age or status. The Tiger wants his child to be unique, with the joy of developing his talents. He always supports children, even if divorced from their mother. He has a broad soul, so his generosity is enough for everyone.

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