Monkey Man

Like his feminine counterpart, the Monkey man is ravenous for sex in all forms. He is an imaginative lover and demands the same from his partners in bed. The male Monkey requires an active mind as well as an active sexual lifestyle and may find it difficult to find a mate that meets his high requirements.

For this reason, the male Monkey is generally unfaithful to even the most well matched partners. He believes that there is always someone better out there and will never attach for long to any one person.

Personality wise the Monkey male is considered by most to be shallow and self-centered, with few friends that call him a close connection. He is known for displaying a lack of self-discipline and will lie to suit his moods. The Monkey man is however, a very generous giver and a cheerfully humorous individual.

Monkey Man – Personality and Characteristics

It is never easy to make a good snapshot of the Monkey man’s psychological fabric. The difficulty does not reside in some kind of unpredictability as is the case with the Goat male – he is perfectly foreseeable – but in his innumerable, inextricable paradoxes and contradictions. This is a highly complex personality who, however, displays all appearances of simplicity. While essentially cerebral, moved by his head, he reacts almost exclusively with his heart – whence his incredible incoherence. Photographing the Goat, so to speak, astrologers are confronted with the problem of ever-changing lighting conditions; but when they do the Monkey, a careful dosage of the contrasting colours should be exercised so that neither the lights nor the shades are given undue emphasis.

Perhaps this subject’s only characteristic which does not bear an internal contradiction is his extreme independence. Under no circumstance does he accept to forgo his insistence on being his own master. He abhors any limitation on his freedom of thought or action: He must be the wind, or he will die!

The Monkey man is one – most probably the only one – who zealously spends his whole existence blasting old customs and outdated ideas as well as battling against retrograde minds. His non-conformism is in all appearance total and uncompromising. Progressive-minded, he acts as if he were born with the mission to being change into the world. Conventional marriage tanks high on the list of his targets as he considers it an old-fashioned institution responsible for many perfectly avoidable evils. But all the while he wants the universe and everyone around him to change, he tends to cling to his own basic attitude – it is perhaps not because of his inability to modify his stands but because of his self-righteousness. Moreover, he seems to hold some respect for his elders. We are putting our finger here on one of his countless inconsistencies, which are quite understandable to us once we have been informed of his incongruousness.

This individual’s non-conformism naturally conduces to his originality. He only wants to think and act in his own way, according to his own penchant, completely off beaten tracks of every description. Not vitally concerned with his own image – he could not care less about the opinions of others – he delights in shocking people by his singular manner of speech and outlandish behavior. To many, he appears just plain wacky; to others, his excessive individuality – say, his eccentricity – is a subject of either amusement or irritation. In any case, everyone finds him mystifying because of his exaggerated love of utopia, his unbelievable lack of realism and practicality.

On the contrary, the idiosyncrasies of people he meets, however weird they may be, never surprise or trouble him because he takes them completely for granted. However, under the facade of his defying oddity and strangeness, there do exist some familiar shadows. For instance, being very young in spirit, he thinks it is unworthy to worry about money and likes to make fun heartily of penny-pinchers; yet he may from time to time surprise himself in the process of counting and calculating! One thing is certain: One never gets bored in his company.

Few people would equal him in intellectual curiosity. Fired with an unquenchable desire for knowledge, he deems everything good to know, including the most unpleasant truths. He is particularly enthusiastic about all things new or unorthodox, refusing to place them under any kind of moral or religious scrutiny – no doubt many heretics burned by the Inquisition were Monkeys. He loves to be the first one to hit upon some idea, to do something, to embark on some practice, even if this may mean that he will get scorched in the process.

The Monkey man is aided in his perpetual quest for novelty by his many relevant qualities. He has enough humility to be willing to learn from all those who have something interesting to tell or teach him. His natural ability to be detached and unemotional helps him keep his already sharp mind always open to anything, while his breadth of vision protects him from being a sterile hair-splitter. Last but not least, he has no bias whatsoever against women – one would have difficulty finding a trace of misogyny in this man, who readily bows to females if these have something to interest him with.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few shadows scattered throughout the sunlight. For example, the native of the Monkey cannot help putting his nose into the affairs of other people, thereby tightly earning the reputation of being a professional meddler. He cannot either help trying over-explain everything he knows to his fellow men and women, even against their wishes, because he feels that everyone is more or less dumb while the only smart person on earth is he himself.

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