Monkey Man Goat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Goat woman, he may be attentive at first, but will take her for granted as time passes. She needs constant attention and reassurance. She sees love as her passion, while he sees it merely as a form of friendship. Both may be inclined to be unfaithful. He can shrug this off, but she will not be able to.

Chinese Monkey and Goat are usually very attracted to each other. They know how to have fun together. They have a lot in common both physically and intellectually. Sheep doesn’t feel shy with Monkey and will share their ideas freely. Monkey is a good listener. They are very affectionate with each other. Either sign may stray at times. Goat is very sensitive and high strung. Monkey likes to go out and have fun and isn’t tied to things as emotionally as Sheep. To succeed, they need to place each other first and give and take in the relationship on all levels.

Monkey Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac monkey and Goat compatibility can start out very strong. Can their initial attraction keep them going? Will they be able to form a strong, long lasting relationship? Will the monkey and Goat soulmates have to work hard and compromise more than other couples to stay together? Or will they find that they can easily be together by sharing some understanding?

The goats are creative and will sometimes be a little overemotional and somewhat carry a nervous energy. If things are too hectic for the Goat or if they are feeling neglected their anxiety could increase and they could feel off kilter. The monkey is fun-loving and very energetic. They are very sociable, full of curiosity and an adventurous attitude.

The monkey might start dating the sheep when they meet through mutual friends or something of the sort. However, they might be content together only for so long. The Chinese zodiac monkey and goat friendship is likely to become romantic when they are both attending a crowded social event where they are both having a lot of fun. If the sheep man or woman is particularly feeling very free at the event, it will help these two form a strong connection.

Monkey Man and Goat Woman Love

Goats are very gentle and keep to themselves. A female Goat probably strikes you as an oasis of calm, because Sheep do not air their problems. They do not hold grudges, because they do not like to expend unnecessary energy. Sheep don’t really like to work hard, but they are fond of luxurious things. Goat need partners who are willing to push them a bit, because they have no internal discipline, and without additional motivation, they don’t really get anything done. Being in a relationship with a Goat is difficult, because she will keep her feelings to herself and it takes a detailed inquisition to get out what she really feels and needs in a relationship.

Monkeys have very little respect for those they do not consider to be intelligent, and the naive passivity of the Goat may seem stupid to them. You are likely to find yourself continually frustrated with the Sheep’s inability or unwillingness to keep up with your clever and crafty schemes. Goat do not have many goals or aspirations beyond comfort, which might not be enough to keep you interested.

Goat do make wonderful supportive partners if they are given some motivation, but they do make financial demands on their partners that you may not be willing to meet. If you are willing to keep a wife comfortable by your labor and don’t mind if she doesn’t pitch in so much, then you may have a good relationship with a Sheep.

Since Monkeys are a bit self-centered, you may not be willing to do the work it takes to find out what your Sheep is really feeling. Goat do need attention, and your Sheep is likely to be upset and hide it from you instead of telling you why. She needs you to pry it out of her, and if you are unwilling, resentment is going to build up. In summary, Monkeys and Goat are simply not on the same wavelength in a relationship, and this is not one of the more satisfactory unions.

Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that the monkey tends to have a complicated way about them and also be a bit egotistical. They are crafty and very smart on certain things, but this will also hurt their relationship. Odds are, the goat will not find these things attractive. They could easily be irritated by these traits in their partner. They will ask for a lot of attention from their partner who might feel these requests are unreasonable.

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