Monkey Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Horse woman, she will be drawn to his love of adventure. They are excellent friends. They will be able to maintain their own individuality. Neither one is jealous or suspicious. They may have some communication issues, though they shouldn’t be serious. Finances may be an issue.

Chinese Monkey and Horse are destined to have a great deal of fun. They are both energetic and charming. Unfortunately, their happiness is usually short lived. Neither sign is known for their longevity in a relationship. Monkey always has their eyes peeled for something new and Horse gets bored easily. If they can resist the temptation to move on, they may find out that they are actually well matched. Monkey is entertained by Horse’s moodiness. Horse seldom feels trapped with Monkey.

Monkey Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

Though the Chinese monkey and horse signs are similar in nature, will their similarities prove to be too much for them to make it work in the long term? Can they find a way to work around any disagreements they might have? Will compromise and understanding be able to help the monkey and horse compatibility at all?

The monkey man will not hesitate to accept a challenge. Any competition between these two might cause the horse’s restless nature to become apparent and they will move on, much to their partner’s surprise. The horse woman does not like staying in one place for too long as it is, so any provocation could push them to leave sooner than planned.

The Chinese zodiac signs of the monkey and the horse might be too much alike. They should be able to get along okay for a time, but that might not be able to carry them through. In the monkey and horse relationship, both are entertaining with lots of energy and adore stimulation. When they are dating, competition between these two might become an issue because both love the spotlight.

Both the monkey and horse in love have the ability to be flexible and easily adapt. They are both also lively, self-sufficient, and rational. They could easily work together thanks to their tendencies of being very bright and having a lot of strength. These two will understand the needs of having a balanced relationship and can learn to coexist pretty well. They can be flexible enough and are smart enough that any troubles that come their way they can overcome to reach their goals.

Monkey Man and Horse Woman Love

Horses are open, gregarious, social creatures. If a Horse has caught your eye it is because she is a beautiful social butterfly who wears her heart on her sleeve. Horses don’t know how to be coy; they open right up and let you know what’s going on inside. It’s easy for you to catch a Horse’s attention because they are swept away by their emotions and are vulnerable to trickery in love. Trickery, of course, is a Monkey’s specialty.

As smooth as the beginning of this relationship is likely to be, over time you will have many small annoyances that build up. Horses are very emotional, and you are a calculation person who dislikes public displays of affection. Horses are terrible at keeping a schedule, and always look to intuition and emotion as a guide. Since you are used to relying on your intellect, you may become irritated at this behavior. On the other hand, Horses are not possessive, so your Horse may look the other way when your eye wanders to another woman from time to time. As long as you don’t push your luck, you may be able to avoid jealous fights.

Your Horse will be much better with money than you are, which will help keep a smooth household, but the two of you are both used to being the center of attention and may find yourselves resenting each other. Although you are capable of having a stable and happy marriage you will both have to compromise and keep the romance strong to compensate for the everyday annoyances.

For the monkey and horse marriage compatibility to be successful, they will have to put their love of the spotlight away. Chinese zodiac compatibility predicts that compromise will help these two share a good love compatibility. But they are going to need a lot of it if they want to have any way of making their relationship long-lasting. Understanding should go a long way to help them, also, but again, they will need a vast amount in order to make things work. The monkey-horse soulmates have a lot of things working against them because their personalities are so contrasting.

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