Monkey Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Pig woman, her sensitivity may make her feel like a victim. He loves her feminine qualities. She loves his intelligence. She needs reassurance and affection but he isn’t comfortable in this role. This makes her feel he doesn’t love her.

Chinese Monkey and Pig will need a little work to make their relationship last. They both love a good time, but they each have a different idea of what a good time is. Pig loves visiting or relaxing with a good book. Monkey likes to be on the move. They love anything that uses energy. If they can work together, they may be able to overcome some of these differences. They also need to learn that they should give some time for their partner.

Monkey Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Monkey and Pig in love can have a very entertaining time together. Will the entertainment last? Will their differences get in the way of them having a long lasting relationship? Do their similarities bring them together or force them apart? What does the monkey-pig compatibility need to be successful in love?

Pigs are very loyal to the ones they are closest to. The loyalty is so great, it might be their fault since it leaves them open to being taken advantage of. This is exactly what the monkey might do if the monkey pig love compatibility isn’t upto the highest level.

Both the monkey and pig Chinese zodiac signs are usually known as being upbeat, optimistic, and sensual. They seek out things that make them happy together. Overall, the Monkey Pig relationship can be pretty happy. The best thing these two can do is focus on each other’s positive qualities.

The monkey does tend to be more decadent and sensual than the pig is. This comes not from their love of domestic pleasures, but rather those that can be found having to do with parties and large groups of people. They are more concerned with finding their own pleasures. They are not the kinds to back down on something they want to do or something that makes them happy.

The pig adores the finer things in life, including luxurious foods, plush decorations, lots of days just napping or taking a long bubble bath. They are more concerned with family and friends. They need to be able to show some give and take. They tend to be very giving when they are in love. They will not mind giving in to something to make their partner happy. Their agreeable nature could be the reason their partner bosses over them.

In a monkey man and pig woman compatibility, the male monkey might push the female pig to get out of the house instead of staying in. They are not going to want to keep doing it repeatedly. Eventually, they will give up and just decide to get out of the house on their own. They might not be aware of their bossy nature as they would not want to ever treat their lover badly on purpose.

Monkey Man and Pig Woman Love

A Pig is an easy conquest for you. Pigs are naive and gullible; willing to trust the world. It is so easy for you to use your charms and cunning to seduce a Pig, and she will fall in love with you quickly. As gullible as Pigs are, however, she will see the way you manipulate others and be offended by your lack of scruples. Pigs would never think to do anything dishonest, as they are the most upright and honest people. You will likely get bored with how easy it is to fool a Pig, and have very little respect for her because of her naivet?

This relationship is not the best combination, and not likely to last long. You will be confused as to why your Pig needs to be so honest all the time, and she will be horrified at the times when you bend the truth. If you are determined to make it work with a Pig, compromise will be needed on both sides, but you have the fact that Pigs do not hold grudges in your favor. A Pig is likely to forgive you for your small transgressions. Pigs work hard and have tremendous endurance, so a Pig will help you see your projects through until the end. You should welcome this help, because it balances out your short attention span.

The truth is that you are just not all that compatible with a Pig, but consistent compromises on both sides could produce a stable union.

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