Monkey Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Rabbit woman, she will find it difficult to put up with the flirting and more that he may be up to. She will need to open up and be willing to give up some of her quiet ways. He may be erratic or irresponsible, even though he is charming. He does remember all the little things that make her feel special, even though he may forget some of the major events.

Chinese Monkey and Rabbit make excellent friends. When it comes to romance, everything that made them the best of friends will work to pull them apart. Compromising will only solve part of the problems. Rabbit tends to find Monkey too busy and Monkey thinks Rabbit is too pessimistic. Monkey wants to be out on the town, while Rabbit prefers to remain at home. If Rabbit can open up a bit more to life and Monkey can be more supportive of Rabbit, they may make it work.

Monkey Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac sign compatibility between the monkey and rabbit tends to be opposite and difficult by nature. Will these differences work in the favor of the monkey-rabbit compatibility? Or will they create more problems and issues?

The rabbits are very caring and perceptive and this is something that can be very good for the monkey and rabbit relationship. The problem is that they are very non-confrontational and more generous than their lover. Because of this, there is a good possibility they might give more in the relationship than the monkey does. The monkey man or woman does not mean to take more than they give. They just have a nature of finding their own pleasures first.

The Chinese astrology signs monkey and rabbit in love are so different that it might be difficult for them to form a connection that they are both happy with. However, with a little bit of understanding on both parts and them both working hard they might be able to achieve that connection.

In a monkey and rabbit friendship, both are interested in varied things. The rabbit woman enjoys having social gatherings at home. They more comfortable with a small dinner party at home. They are somewhat reserved socially, but very loving at the same time. They like having small get-togethers at home.

The monkey-rabbit compatibility can be good when it comes to friendship. However, the things that make them great friends can force them apart in a romantic relationship. When the monkey is dating a rabbit, both will approach things very differently. The male monkey needs love and encouragement to show off their good side. They do not mind a challenge. They are harp thinkers and talented performers.

Monkey Man and Rabbit Woman Love

Rabbits are a match for you when it comes to winning people over. They are so unfailingly flattering and polite that no one can say no to them, including you! If you are in love with a Rabbit, you probably admire her ability to get her way without shouting, whining, or demanding. You have likely admired her winning ways from afar, or have become smitten with the flattery she heaps upon you.

A Rabbit will see through your tricks, and keep up with you mentally. This wins your respect and admiration. The Rabbitโ€™s interpersonal skills lay entirely in negotiation and charm, however, and if things get heated, Rabbits are likely to run. They hate confrontation and will not stick around for it. If you have a disagreement with a Rabbit, you need to keep it civil, or she will flee and you will never solve your problem.

Monkeys do not trust others easily, but you must trust your Rabbit and her concerns. Rabbits are very sensitive to trouble brewing, and their warnings should be heeded. You are likely to have a very honest relationship, because the two of you are both experts at seeing through little tricks and games. After awhile, you will realize such schemes are pointless between the two of you, and band together to turn your energies outwards. As long as you listen to you Rabbit about when it is time to slow down or go home, you will be quite successful in your endeavours.

Rabbits are very lucky, and her luck combined with your creative mind will get you far if you work together. Rabbits are moody, so you will need to set aside your concerns about yourself from time to time and be emotionally supportive. Your endless optimism should buoy her when she is depressed. Monkeys succeed at what they put their mind to, so if you are sure a Rabbit is "the one," you are likely to be quite happy together.

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