Monkey Man Rat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Rat woman, everything is peachy. She adores him and he appreciates her fine qualities of intelligence, charm and spontaneity. They will share a great sense of humor. They love power and money. Rat instinctively knows that Monkey wants to feel they are in charge. Rat is cagey enough to be able to indulge this and keep things running smoothly.

Chinese Monkey and Rat are full of energy. They have an active social life and like adventure. They are both rather extreme, and this may cause competition between them. Fortunately, these two love to argue and be dramatic. These two make sparks in the bedroom. Rat may need to learn to control their jealousy, however as Monkey may get sidetracked with an affair or two.

Monkey Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac compatibility between the Monkey and Rat soul mates works very well together on most levels. But will they be able to stay together for a lifetime? Do they have enough in common to make things easy, but not make them boring? Is the monkey-rat relationship prone to arguments or are they a peaceful couple?

In a monkey and rat relationship, can both be a little egotistical, which might not necessarily be a bad thing. It is possible that their egos might lead to them arguing or competing with each other. This will not bother the rat woman because they actually like having arguments and debates with others and will accept any challenge that comes their way.

The monkey manor man is a natural show off. Because of their traits, these two Chinese astrology signs will find their arguments and disagreements to be entertaining rather than stressful. Their differences amuse them just about as much as their similarities do.

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the monkey and rat in love make a very fun relationship. They are both very fun loving, full of energy. They are extremely happy in party settings and other kinds of social settings of the same kind. No matter what the setting, the monkey-rat friendship is always fun and they usually have a good time.

In a romantic relationship, the monkey and rat compatibility will have a passionate connection. They will contribute to and draw from each other’s energies. They will have a lot of friends and those friends will see them as one of their favorite couples.

Monkey Man and Rat Woman Love

You will do well in a partnership with a Rat, because you will both push each other towards higher accomplishments. It may be difficult for you to focus on things because you have a short attention span and she is such a multi-tasker, but she will make sure the home is taken care of, and she is also good at keeping a budget. Rats know how to hang on to their money, so she will be able to take care of the finances.

You will be very helpful to your Rat because Rats can be prone to anxiety and negativity, and your optimism will help cheer her up during these moments. She is so intelligent and crafty that you will respect her and hopefully refrain from trying your tricky ways on her. Of course, she may just see right through your tricks anyways!

Rats never find themselves in a corner. They always have backup plans, and their intuition is very reliable when it tells them it is time to get out. This is useful to you, because if you are open and honest about your schemes and plans, she will be able to let you know when it’s time to "quit while you’re ahead." Overall, this union has a great chance at success.

There could be a problem with the monkey and rat keeping their focus at times. The monkey tends to have a sort of short attention span. But they are usually pretty positive. Their lover will help to balance the rat’s more negative viewpoint, which is a very good thing. The rat is almost always doing many things at once and because of this, their focus is stretched thin. Support is the big thing for successful monkey-rat compatibility. If they can keep up the encouragement with each other, there won’t be anything these two can’t do.

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