Monkey Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Rooster woman, she loves his sense of humor and intelligence. His attraction is harder to explain. She wants someone who will shower her with love and attention. He wants to have the freedom to go out and have fun. He may be unfaithful. Her possessiveness is difficult for him to handle.

Chinese Monkey and Rooster don’t make very good friends, yet they actually do pretty well together as partners. It could be that in a serious relationship it is easier for them to overlook those traits that are irritating as friends. If they truly want to be successful, they need to work hard. They don’t need to worry about connecting intellectually... they already do.

They also connect well physically. Monkey will please Rooster greatly by giving them lots of affection... at least for awhile. Rooster will need to rein in their natural inclination to nag Monkey. If they don’t Monkey may leave because they get frustrated. Monkey needs to give up some of their loose lifestyle and devote themselves to the relationship.

Monkey Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the monkey and rooster are very different. Can these two find a way to have a successful relationship? Will their differences be too much for them to not fight all the time? Or will the monkey and rooster compatibility be able to come to a compromise that makes for a happy relationship together?

The monkey and rooster in love are so unlike that if they were to have a relatively fight free relationship, people might find it odd. But even then, the love compatibility between them is good and if they desire, they can have a good partnership.

The monkey and rooster relationship will be a tough one. The fact that they are both so controlling is probably going to work against them. In a monkey and rooster marriage, these two will have to learn to stop being so egotistical if they want their relationship to work. This will make these two want to work together to be better. If they don’t have this, they will probably argue all the time. In bed the monkey and rooster sexual compatibility will work better if they are striving for the same things.

The rooster pushes others into being perfect. They are detail-oriented and see the world in those terms. Therefore, they are likely to feel that there is a lot of room for making things better. They will feel that their partner is too loud and going overboard. They enjoy getting out of the house and are very receptive to flattering talk given their way. They know how to be efficient, but they are demanding at the same time.

At the same time, the monkey goes about it in the way of being the loudest one in the room. They will take more chances and will do whatever they can to make sure they stand out from the crowd. They find their partner to be dull and boring and no fun at all. They can be resourceful and unique.

Monkey Man and Rooster Woman Love

Roosters have similar talents to Monkeys, but opposite viewpoints. If you are in love with a Rooster, you probably admire her quick mind, sharp, skilled tongue, and fearlessness. Since Roosters are always well-kept and well-dressed, they make an impression that is difficult to forget.

Roosters are not spontaneous. While Monkeys are always up for a bit of fun, Roosters keep tight, meticulous schedules and want to plan any leisure time well in advance. At first, the Rooster’s unavailability will seem like a challenge and keep you interested, but once you find out that she is not playing coy games with you, you might get annoyed. The Rooster is completely honest, and if she says she’s busy (which she almost always is) she actually is busy, and has no last-minute time for fun and games with you.

Roosters are hard, honest workers, and do not generally approve of tricksters and pranksters, which is not very good news for your union. She is likely to become fed up with your schemes and excuses, and if you miss even one date with her she is not likely to schedule you in again. Her time is valuable to her, and you need to respect that. Also, Roosters dislike when the lives of those they are close to are in disarray, because they can’t stand sloppy organizing. Don’t be surprised when she buys you a daytimer and tries to help you with your schedule!

There are many things that will annoy you about each other, but with compromise, this relationship can work. Since Monkeys get bored without a challenge, and you will always have to fight for a slot in the Rooster’s schedule, that may be enough to keep you interested and try your hardest to get the relationship to work.

In a romantic relationship, these two Chinese astrology signs might not be very compatible. The monkey and the rooster soulmates both want to receive a pat on the back and recognition of their achievements.

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