Monkey Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Snake woman, they will be seen at every social gathering. They love to socialize, but for different reasons. He won’t appreciate her charms quite as much as she wants him to and she won’t have the common sense qualities that he wants her to have. Both may be unfaithful.

Chinese Monkey and Snake are not the most compatible couple. In order to make it work, both parties have to truly be committed. Monkey is always on the go and they love to have fun. They also love to work hard at a challenge. This means they may tend to travel a lot for their job. They love adventure. Snake, on the other hand, is possessive. They must feel appreciated to be happy in a relationship. Monkey’s natural inclination to flirt will drive Snake up a wall. This in turn makes Monkey crazy. Both signs will need to control their natural inclinations and try their best to meet the needs of the other.

Monkey Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac monkey and snake are so different that they might not be able to get along. Is this a temporary problem that can be solved with understanding and compromise? Or will these two clash no matter what? Is there a way for the monkey-snake compatibility to improve?

The monkey is likely to make their lover angry pretty easily. They can offer up challenges all the time. They are lively, smart, and full of energy. The snake tends to be less forgiving and therefore might hold a bit of a grudge. They are determined and set on getting their way. They are driven, elegant, and ambitious.

The snake woman is outgoing and has a sexy sort of nature that surprisingly hides a true nature that is actually pretty conservative. They are more domestic, happy at home doing something mundane as reading a good book. The monkey man is not so domestic and probably would not go home at all if they did not have to. Their idea of fun is much livelier and they are definitely more interested in doing that or finding what makes them happy or just being daring.

In the monkey and snake relationship, both have very contrasting and opposing personalities. There are some similarities too, but they do not seem to be enough to help them out very much. Both the monkey and snake soulmates are very entertaining to be around and they love having fun, not to mention they are well-known and liked in their circles of friends. This might be the only thing that can work in their favor when these two form a romantic relationship. However, this could also just be the way these two first start to date each other.

Monkey Man and Snake Woman Love

If you have been captivated by a Snake, it is really no surprise. Snakes are cool customers, and a female Snake is like the femme fatale from the movies; beautiful, aloof, intelligent, and ruthless in the pursuit of her goals. Snakes are just as good as Monkeys at wrapping people around their little fingers. They use their intelligence and speaking abilities to convince others of anything they want, and they usually want power. You may admire your Snake’s ability to keep a cool, calm head in a crisis, and motivate others to solve the problem rather than panicking.

This relationship is likely to be consuming. The chemistry will be intense and amazing. You must be careful not to try and fool the Snake; she will see right through it and become very angry. Snakes are jealous lovers, and you must get control of your wandering eye if you are to make this work. Snakes have many admirers as well, so you are likely to feel jealousy from time to time too.

Don’t dare to break a promise you make to a Snake. She will never forget it, and she won’t hesitate to cut people out of her life. If you love her, you should make sure to respect her and treat her properly, because Snakes rarely give second chances! She may resent how hard it is to pin you down, at times, and you may need to calm down a bit for her. Luckily, Snakes are confident and not clingy, so you’ll have plenty of time to yourself as long as she doesn’t suspect that you’re spending it with other women!

Since Snakes are so intelligent, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to respect your lover if she is a Snake. She will have no problem keeping up with your schemes, and will be an excellent asset to you. With a small bit of compromise, this will be a very successful relationship.

In the monkey-snake friendship, both these Chinese zodiac signs can be the competitive sorts. It is easy for them to start competing with each other in their relationship. The love compatibility in the monkey-snake marriage will take a lot of hard work to maintain. These two tend to not look at each other’s positive traits but rather focus on their negative ones. There are times when it will seem as if they can only bring out the negative in each other. These two are going to have to be straightforward and honest if they want to try to make this monkey-snake compatibility work.

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