Ox Man Dog Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Dog woman, he is traditional and conservative while she wants to save the world. This may cause some issues at home between them. Ox is skilled at soothing Dog’s sensitive nature. Dog’s loyalty is appreciated by Ox. In business, they can succeed very well. They both have clear goals and high standards. Since they each trust each other completely, there are no worries.

Chinese Ox and Dog are both very loyal and honest. They make a very happy couple. Their biggest problems may stem from Dog’s feelings of jealousy and potential betrayal. This offends Ox deeply, as they are as loyal as they come. If this issue can be worked through, this couple will live happily ever after. Ox tends to accumulate wealth and stability for their family, while Dog wants to be charitable and give it away. This can be an area they have disagreements on. These two also make good friends.

Ox Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

Individuals born under the Chinese zodiac signs of the ox and dog tend to work very well together, no matter what type of relationship they pursue. Given their natures, this is hardly surprising. So what makes these two work so well together in any type of union?

Is it their appreciation for one another? Is it the devotion? It’s actually not just one thing, but rather a combination of their best traits. Compromise and understanding also go a long way in making the Ox and Dog compatibility successful.

It is all about trust for these two highly compatible Signs. The Ox needs the Dog to tell him when enough is enough, and to help him gauge the seriousness of any given problem. The Dog, in turn, needs the Ox to reassure her that everything will turn out all right in end. The two together will prevent an endless series of nervous breakdowns for all concerned.

The female Dog is as loyal as her Sign may indicate, and the Ox will be very thankful of her unconditional support in times of great tension. These two together will form a match of great strength and stability - stronger than either would have proven exposed to the world all alone. It is highly advisable for them to issue wedding invitations as soon as possible.

Ox Man and Dog Woman Love

You will love your Dog’s logical mind. The only time she is a tad irrational is when she is protecting you and your family. You will love how hard she is willing to work for the relationship, and she will appreciate how you aren’t so consumed with doubt as she often is.

It is easy for you to live with a Dog, because both of you prefer to think things through before jumping in, and both of you prefer to have a solid plan of attack. As long as you make your plans together so you are on the same page, you will have very few arguments.

Dogs and Oxen are often misunderstood in the same ways. Many people consider both of these signs to be somewhat stupid, because Dogs are loyal to the end, and Oxen are stubborn to the end. To outsiders, it may seem like both the Ox and the Dog are blind and deaf to other opinions, but in reality, there is a powerful intelligence that has thought out the consequences before taking action. Dogs will not break their loyalty because they think carefully before giving it, and Oxen will not change their minds because they think carefully before making them up!

The only thing you must worry about in this relationship is the odd argument. If you find yourself in disagreement with your Dog, you must fight fair and be willing to listen to her side. If you hurt her feelings, she will become harsh with you, which will make you less willing to forgive. A little compromise and open-mindedness will go a long way. Like most marriages, appreciation and give and take make up a huge part of the success between the Ox and Dog soulmates.

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