Ox Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Dragon woman, the primary issue to face is who is in charge. Both of them want to rule the roost. He is conservative while she is flamboyant. If they each develop a tolerance for each others’ faults and use some common sense, they can make it work out well in the end.

Chinese Ox and Dragon make for a hot-tempered pair. It helps if they each take a break from each other occasionally so they can gain perspective. If they keep in mind that their goals are similar, this helps immensely. In business, they can make a powerful team. Dragon is lucky with money and Ox will appreciate that. Ox will also work hard while Dragon accumulates power.

Ox Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

Those born under the Chinese zodiac signs of the ox and dragon have a lot of potential. However, their biggest obstacle will be in whether or not they seek the same things in life. They have different natures and even different beliefs. The Ox and Dragon relationship will survive only if they look to the same place at the same time.

The dragon is bold and daring and will find the ox’s stubborn and critical manner more tolerable than others. They are dreamers, with a determined and industrious type of demeanor. The Chinese ox is more dogged, traditional, and meticulous. They don’t particularly enjoy confrontation and like to avoid disagreements. In the Ox Dragon compatibly, both could learn something from trying to understand each other’s patterns and inspirations.

When an Ox and Dragon are in love, the two won’t find it easy to give and take. Both have the capacity for understanding the other one, but both are also prone to being stubborn. The dragon will most definitely admire the ox’s tendency toward nobleness.

Since both of these Chinese zodiac signs are strong, unyielding signs, loving and understanding each other is very important to making their relationship work. Whether one or both can learn to let up a little is going to be what makes them work or not work in the long-term.

The male Ox is a tower of patience, but this will be sorely tested by the fast-living and vibrant Dragon lady, should these two disparate Signs collide. Dragons stop for no one, and rush in where angels fear to tread. The Ox will condemn such behavior as indicative of the fool, even as he marvels at his consort’s joi de vivre. But it is easy to see that these two won’t last long.

The Ox is at heart a comfortable, stay-at-home sort, while the female Dragon needs constant excitement - the sort that such a stodgy mate is unlikely to be able to provide. She may be the best thing that ever happened to him, and he’ll remember her for the rest of his life, but memories is all the male Ox will have to show for the night the Dragon took him home.

Ox Man and Dragon Woman Love

If you have fallen in love with a Dragon, it is completely understandable. Dragons are magnetic and mesmerizing, and they command the attention of the room as soon as they walk in. Dragons are used to being surrounded by admirers, so take no offense if they do not notice or acknowledge your attentions right away. Dragons are whirlwinds of energy, throwing themselves into anything or against anything with zeal. Dragons love life and challenges, and have a supreme confidence in themselves. As a result they often bite off more than they can chew and find themselves in a bit of trouble. Dragons always manage to pull it off, however.

Your differences are many, and this could be a frustrating union for both of you. Dragons make their own rules, while you are shocked at the idea that a person would defy expectations. A Dragon will likely not find you exciting enough to keep her attention, although she will admire your ability to stay on task and think before you jump into things. The two of you would make good business partners because Dragons handle risk well, and Oxen handle details, but in love it is doubtful if you will last long.

If the two of you love and admire each other very much, and are willing to make compromises and sacrifices, this union could work because you have complementary strengths. You will hold the Dragon back from overly foolish decisions, and she will show you how to break out of your rut once in awhile. It will take effort to maintain this, but as an Ox you are great at putting in effort.

Chinese horoscope compatibility predicts that if the Ox Dragon couple pursue a similar goal but find the end result not to their liking, the dragon is most likely to be aloof. The ox has a habit of being traditional, apathetic, and disconnected. However, the dragon is very social and thrives on continual adoration and appreciation.

The Ox male and Dragon female love compatibility is negligible. They have to learn how to truly give and take for their relationship to work. Else this partnership is heading for a breakup. The Ox Dragon marriage or any love relationship will be helped tremendously if they set a common goal and the two push to succeed and actually do so.

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