Ox Man Goat Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Goat woman, it is no better. While her femininity will appeal to his need to protect and she loves feeling secure, that is about all they have in common. She actually will end up standing up to him more than he imagined, and she will eventually get bored. She tends to be flighty and irresponsible which drives him mad. They don’t do well in the bedroom, either. She is romantic and wants to be wooed, while he is not imaginative and prefers more sensual pleasures.

Chinese Ox and Goat really don’t get along well at all. Ox thinks Goat is flighty and eccentric, while Sheep thinks Ox is rigid. Goat prefers being creative and is not that concerned about work. Ox is the exact opposite. While both prefer staying home, it isn’t enough to bring them onto a good foundation for a relationship. In rare cases, this pairing can work, but both need to be extremely committed to the other partner. Goat does appreciate that Ox is honest and dependable. Ox can learn to be more accepting from Goat.

Ox Man and Goat Woman Compatibility

Chinese horoscope compatibility predicts that those born under the zodiac signs of the ox and the sheep have their work cut out for them. Is there a way for the somber ox to make it work with the wistful goat? Can the Ox and Goat compatibility learn to compromise? Will it be enough for them to be successful and in love in the long-term?

The Ox and Sheep in love can actually work well together if given the chance because the overemotional goat who is sometimes unsure will welcome the ox’s truthful attitude and reliable nature. For the Ox and Sheep friendship to be successful, they will have to work hard just to ensure their relationship is relatively without any bickering. Their personality traits are highly opposite and don’t complement each other the way some might.

The male Ox is able to provide the strong right arm upon which the female Goat will be able to lean. He will protect her from the world, and in turn she will offer him unlimited devotion, as well as a new and profitable viewpoint from which to observe his sustaining efforts. The Ox will assume full responsibility for the nuts and bolts of the relationship, and if anything, the Goat will feel herself stifled by his heavy hands-on approach to the situation.

If she can keep from feeling too suppressed or trapped, then the relationship will continue. If, however, the female Goat feels the need to acquire more of an identity of her own, then the relationship is doomed to dissolution. It is up to the Ox to use his serene judgment to adjust his actions and determine the outcome.

Ox Man and Goat Woman Love

Goats are softer people. They do not have very much self discipline, and any discipline imposed on them by others must be very democratic, or else they will resent it. Truthfully, Goats enjoy a life of luxury and prefer not to have to work for it. Female Goats embrace traditional gender roles because they would rather be a pretty decoration in the household as long as they have fine things and do not have to work. Goats are full of good intentions, and do try to put an artistic and creative touch on the household. Your Goat is simply quite fanciful, and the opposite of your practical Ox self.

You will both find this relationship trying at times. As an Ox, you will find yourself doing all of the work that you find useful, and you may not appreciate the Goat`s artistic endeavours as being work. She will be sad and resentful if you impose too much discipline on her, but you will find yourself annoyed if she cannot follow the schedule the two of you decided on. With a lot of patience and understanding, you can help the Goat learn how to be a little more dutiful, and she can help you from getting into a rut. Luckily you have patience and understanding to spare.

This union has potential if both of you open your minds to compromise, and you remember that the Goat’s feelings are far more delicate and easily hurt than your own. Other than that, the compromise will only work for the Ox and Sheep soulmates if it is much more definitive and not so petty. This means their compromises have to be much bigger than in other relationships and will take far more work to make them stick.

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