Ox Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Horse woman, he slowly comes to the realization that he cannot possess her fully as he would wish. She wants her independence too much. She isn’t happy being a domestic and wants her own excitement. Ox is always there for Horse when they need them, and Horse has a great work ethic that Ox admires. Horse has an inferiority complex that makes it difficult for them to open up to their partner. Ox may be just the person to help them do this, however.

Chinese Ox and Horse make excellent business partners, but as a pair they are not without problems. They have two different ways of looking at life. Ox prefers to stay home and create a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, while Horse wants adventure. This can be extremely frustrating for both. If they are truly committed, they may make it work, but it will require Horse to learn to love quieter environments and Ox needs to open up for the occasional adventure. If they look closely, they can see that there are qualities in each that the other admires.

Ox Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

Individuals born under the Chinese zodiac signs of the ox and the horse seems like candidates for an opposites attract relationship. However, could their opposites be too much for these two to be successful? Can they overcome any friction they might encounter? How good are the chances for the ox horse compatibility of creating a long-lasting connection?

The Chinese zodiac signs ox and horse in a relationship, have practically nothing in common. This can make the love compatibility difficult when trying to make their relationship work. Their biggest hurdle to success in love is going to be acceptance. The Ox and Horse have to realize each other’s personalities are different and see where the other is coming from.

The male Ox may often find himself left in the lurch by the female Horse’s restless energy - she will leap while he is still peering uncertainly ahead. This will irritate the Ox in time, but in the early stages of the affair he will be amazed and delighted by the versatility of his companion. The female Horse in her turn may be put off by the fact that her companion is so sedate and reasonable.

Many arguments will arise from this mismatched arrangement of temperaments. Eventually the understanding nature of the Ox will reach the breaking point - probably around the same time the Horse’s boredom level reaches critical mass. This couple is highly unlikely to remain together for any length of time, but the relationship could be a learning experience for both while it lasts.

Ox Man and Horse Woman Love

Horses are the opposite of Oxen. They cannot sit still, and must be amused by gossip and parties. Horses are prone to gallop, and want others to come along as they are very social creatures. Horses are terrible at keeping schedules, and tend to show up when it suits them (or perhaps when they remember that there was something they had committed to today-or was it yesterday?)

Horses tend to ignore or forget domestic duties, and need a spotlight fixed upon them. Horses are quite flighty, and have a difficult time committing to just one person, especially in their youth. Horses are swept away by their emotions, which can be impressive and passionate.

It is unlikely that the careful Ox would fall in love with a Horse in the first place, but if you find yourself in this situation the future does not seem good. Can you imagine a horse and an ox in the same traces, trying to pull a cart together? The steady ox would be annoyed by the horse’s constant attempts to break into wild gallops, and that is an accurate metaphor for the relationship between a Horse and an Ox.

The Horse is likely to find the Ox boring and a killjoy, while the Ox will be frustrated with how the Horse keeps messing up his schedule. Although Horses are quite attractive with their wild emotions, it is difficult to maintain the practical side of a relationship with one. Oxen and horses are advised to stay away from each other when it comes to love.

The Ox and Horse signs have to recognize the differences they bring to the table don’t mean they can’t be soulmates. However, to be successful, they must make the move to accept each other for who they really are and realize that trying to change either one will only hurt the relationship, not help it.

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