Ox Man Monkey Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Monkey woman, he considers her shallow and she thinks he’s a fussbudget. They rarely reach the point of breaking up, though. Each partner needs the space to be themselves, and they may not always agree with each other. Ox tends to hold everyone around them up to their own exacting standards and Monkey may not measure up. Monkey, on the other hand, likes to have fun all the time, which tries Ox’s patience.

Chinese Ox and Monkey can make a success of a relationship as long as the tolerate some of each others’ more irritating characteristics. They both have a great sense of humor, which goes a long way towards getting along. Monkey can encourage Ox to explore life a bit, while Ox can get Monkey to settle down once in awhile. Ox tries to keep peace in the relationship, no matter what it takes. Monkey does need to learn how to cut back on the flirting. Infidelity will end the relationship in Ox’s eyes.

Ox Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The two Chinese horoscope signs of the ox and monkey are almost opposite signs. Will they be able to put those differences aside to be successful in love? Will their positive traits outweigh the negative traits in their connection? Will the Ox and Monkey compatibility work, given how their natures don’t obviously complement each other?

The Chinese ox likes things to be balanced and organized and this works well in this connection. As one who dislikes arguing, they will want to dodge confrontation as much as possible. The monkey will be entertaining and lively and will be able to interject some variation into the social life of the ox. Personal space is a big requirement for the Chinese astrology compatibility between these two signs. These two will need that space to be who they are.

Contrasting personalities seem to be a big factor in the love compatibility between the Ox and the Monkey. A happy relationship might be something that seems unattainable when looking at these two. At some point, these two Chinese zodiac signs are not very likely to get along. They could have several disagreements if they aren’t attuned to how the other is. Accepting each other’s personalities could lead to a great Ox Monkey friendship.

The female Monkey is more fun than a barrel full of her relatives, and the male Ox may be too staid a creature too appreciate the great companion that he has. After suffering opprobrium for what to her is simply a natural life inclination for fun at the expense of misery, the female Monkey will grow a bit tired of the whole situation and slough off her boring lover in favor livelier company.

The exhausted Ox will only be too happy to watch her go, and will count himself lucky. These two personalities are just too divergent for them to work together for any length of time, and rather than measuring the duration of the match, it is more appropriate to discuss whether the match ever truly existed at all for either of these two people.

Ox Man and Monkey Woman Love

If you find yourself having feelings for a Monkey, you may be admiring her cunning. Monkeys analyze situations swiftly, and use that information to their advantage. They are not above trickery and even deceit when they want their own way, and you likely disapprove of that part of the Monkey’s personality, even as you admire how clever she is.

Monkeys are charmers and seducers. Normally you do not fall for such tricks, but Monkeys can be very wily in their seduction of others. Monkeys often bounce around from job to job and relationship to relationship due to their short attention spans. As soon as something stops being a challenge, a Monkey would like to move on to something else.

Your natural caution just may be what you need to ensnare a Monkey for good. Although Monkeys can have a wandering eye, if you force her to work to get you, she may find you enough of a challenge to fall truly in love with you. And once a Monkey is truly in love, she will be dedicated and true to you.

A Monkey will be able to get you out of your routine from time to time, which is good for you. You must make sure she understands never to make fun of you, however, because too much of that will drive you apart. You are a very dignified person and cannot stand being the butt of jokes. If the two of you keep these compromises in mind you have a good chance at a lasting relationship.

In love, the Ox and Monkey have issues showing off their positive traits. The monkey is very often a kind of domination for the ox. However, the ox will not hesitate to criticize their lover for what they perceive to be flaws and negativity. If the Ox and Monkey soulmates wish to be successful in marriage, they will have to learn to exercise self-control so they both can reach a point of understanding.

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