Ox Man Ox Woman

Chinese Ox and Ox are quiet, stable and dependable. They may not have a life full of excitement, but they find comfort in a quiet life with their family and friends. They donโ€™t fight a lot amongst themselves, and when they do, these arguments are resolved swiftly. They work very well as a couple and can rise to any challenge. They will usually build their relationship upon growing respect for one another that will last their entire lives.

She will take care of the home front impeccably. He will appreciate her efforts and support her well. Even when things go wrong between them, they will put up a good front so no one else ever suspects. In the bedroom they can be very good together, even if they are lacking in a bit of imagination. Some may get bored after awhile. Others will just take what comes their way and be happy about it. It really depends on the other characteristics each Ox brings to the table. Neither one wants to be second in command, so they must learn to share all responsibilities equally.

Ox Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

Individuals born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the ox tend to be very stubborn. Will an Ox man Ox woman in love constantly fight? Will they be able to get along better than with other signs? Can they be easily successful in love or will it require too much work? Are they too strong to compromise if they need to?

Oxen are smart, reliable, and noble by default. These traits go a long way towards giving two born under the Chinese astrology sign of the ox a very intimate, committed connection. According to Chinese astrology compatibility, the Ox woman and Ox soulmates bond the best amongst all other signs. An Ox and Ox relationship means that both will be steady and reliable. They will be strong and determined. If they are aligned together, they can be quite intimidating.

A couple composed of this understanding Sign is assured of durability, due to the patient nature of both partners. Ox persons are calm and efficient, with a strong sense of right and wrong, as well as a work ethic that would put an ant to shame. Any rocky patches will be smoothed over in the light of calm reason.

Neither will erupt in the sort of emotional pyrotechnics common to more stormy couples, but that doesnโ€™t mean that there isnโ€™t a great deal of true love present in this match. Far from it - these twin Oxen are simply of a more mature streak, which acknowledges and reciprocates affection without making a big production out of it all. Bet the house and kids on this duo, for they will last a very long time together.

Ox Man and Ox Woman Love

If you are contemplating a relationship with another Ox, you need to be careful of a few things. First, it will be all too easy for the two of you to become stuck in a rut. Even Oxen can get bored with the same identical routine, although it may take a very long time. More likely, the two of you will grow apart without realizing it. You can combat this by making some novelty a part of your strategy from the beginning-perhaps planning to break out of your routine and try something completely new once a month.

Since you are both so dependable, you may begin taking each other for granted. Your Ox lady will still want to be loved and appreciated and both of you need to make that effort to communicate your love to each other. It is very easy for two Oxen to simply fall beside each other in the traces, and work hard to pull the same cart for years without even really speaking.

As long as you have a plan for good communication and a little novelty from time to time, you will have a good, stable relationship. Your friends may be puzzled by the lack of passion, but two Oxen are not likely to miss it. This union will endure with a little work.

Variety can come in the form of planning something different to do together on a regular basis. Maybe even something outside of their comfort zones. Doing so will spice things up for them and help the Ox and Ox love match to stay together.

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