Ox Man Pig Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Pig woman, he will attempt to always be in charge, but her natural charm allows her to get her way without him ever realizing it. Her tact and consideration soon puts him at his ease and they both are very devoted to one another. They will likely have a large family. Boredom may become a problem unless he can avoid getting into a rut.

Chinese Ox and Pig make a passionate couple. Pig appreciates Ox’s ability to create a peaceful home for them both and Ox’s dependability. Ox enjoys Pig’s sensuality. They both love to spend time cuddling together whenever possible. Issues may arise when Pig is enjoying luxuries paid for by Ox’s hard work. Pig also likes to socialize more than Ox and likes to entertain. Ox is shy and isn’t too happy about this arrangement, but will oblige those who show up at their home. Both partners work hard to attain their stability.

Ox Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

Individuals born under the Chinese horoscope signs of the ox and the pig can definitely be good for one another. Can the ox and pig compatibility be a long-lasting connection? Will they argue more because of a shared stubborn trait? Or will it prove to be a uniting factor for them?

The love compatibility of the ox and pig relationship will increase only if there is encouragement. Both the ox and the pig will drive each other to achieve their goals and become better. Neither of these Chinese zodiac signs are lazy.

The female Pig is very fond of the company of her vast ring of acquaintances, but she is equally at home by the fireside of her complaisant mate the male Ox. His predictability is especially heartwarming for her. She will enjoy dragging him out of his easy chair and making him dance to her tune once in a while.

The Ox in his turn really could use a break from his constant work patterns, and the Pig is just what the doctor ordered in this regard. From time to time the Ox may express concern regarding the Pig’s spending habits, but there will be no lasting ill effects on the relationship because of a little injudicious spending on her part. The tiny annoyances will in time add up to a lasting affection. This is a good match for everyone involved.

Ox Man and Pig Woman Love

A Pig is a very good match for you. Pigs are also very honest and straightforward. Neither of you will try to play games with the other. Pigs are very innocent and trusting. They often get taken advantage of in relationships, so you will be a perfect partner for a Pig because you would never hurt her in this way. There will be no deceit whatsoever in this relationship.

Another area where the two of you are on the same wavelength is tenacity. Like you, a Pig will work steadily at a task until she accomplishes it. She also takes the same methodical approach in thinking things through before taking on a task. You will never have fights over one of you being impulsive, because it just won’t happen! Of course, you must be careful, or the two of you will miss opportunities. Sometimes too much deliberation is a negative thing, and both of you will have to sometimes hurry your thinking process.

Pigs are far fonder of luxury and fine things than Oxen are, and you should realize that your Pig partner will be more inclined to spend money. Pigs enjoy spoiling themselves with pleasure, and female Pigs are likely to enjoy nice clothing and spa treatments. As an Ox, you may find this unnecessary, but as long as your Pig doesn’t overindulge and blow the family budget, you should try to be understanding. Not everyone is as austere and content to work all the time as you are!

Overall, a Pig will make a fine match for you. She is honest and will not play games, values thorough planning, and isn’t afraid to work hard. The two of you are likely to meet every goal you set, and have a stable home for raising children if you wish to do so. This is one of the happiest and drama free marriages in the zodiac.

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