Ox Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Rabbit woman, it will be reasonably successful. They have a lot in common, though they may need to work to get it. Ox makes Rabbit feel secure, which is something she needs desperately. She can also help him gain some refinement. She takes good care of the home for him. He may tend to get jealous. She may daydream a bit more than he likes, and she is prone to periods of lethargy, which he simply does not understand.

Chinese Ox and Rabbit are extremely compatible. Both partners respect each other. If they crave any excitement, all they need to do is let a little bit of the outside world in for a little while. In business, these two work well together. The Ox can take the lead while the Rabbit follows behind. The Ox is a hard worker and will not take advantage of the Rabbit’s nature.

Ox Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Ox and Rabbit in love could be the nicest two of the Chinese zodiac signs. Is this something that can get in the way of their having a successful relationship? Will this make them both pushovers? Or will this work in their favor, to make them a very compatible couple? Will the Rat and Rabbit relationship be a long-lasting one?

The ox is dependable and the rabbit is very friendly and so they are both quite attracted to each other. While the Ox Rabbit compatibility might be a little contrasting in nature at times, their differences fit well with each other’s similarities.

The rabbit enjoys downtime and this helps the ox to slow down and keep from burning out by spending too much time working. The ox man or woman can be sort of egotistical, but the rabbit has a sweet disposition and will ensure the ox doesn’t feel hurt.

While these two Chinese animal signs are incredibly nice to each other and those around them, they have some trouble showing their true selves because they are both reserved. Letting their intimate, concerned, and considerate natures come through will let both of these animal zodiac signs be their best selves.

Both of these characters appreciate the positive benefits of a comfortable home environment. The male Ox and the female Rabbit are most alike in that they value dependability, safety and security over anything else - and especially over the sort of emotional histrionics that most couples are heir to.

The Rabbit can easily persuade the frequently stubborn Ox in to sharing her viewpoint on nearly any aspect of the relationship, and in such a way so as not offend his pride as well. The Ox in his turn provides a rock of stability upon which the couple can rely in times of stress, both spiritual and material. The prognosis of this match is very good - it is to be greatly encouraged by all concerned.

Ox Man and Rabbit Woman Love

A Rabbit would make a very good partner for an Ox. You value logical thinking, and Rabbits do think things through carefully before committing, just as you do. In a relationship, you will not fight over impulsive decisions. The Rabbit’s relaxed attitude is good for you. She will encourage you to take a break from hard work once in awhile and simply enjoy life.

The two of you will enjoy a quiet evening relaxing at home, and neither one of you seeks drama or the spotlight. Since Rabbits are so peaceful and diplomatic, your Rabbit will never confront you in a way that damages your pride. If she thinks you are making a mistake, she will be very respectful in making her requests and you will find it easier to consider changing your mind for her than for anybody else.

You enjoy the Rabbit’s intelligence, but you need to be wary of criticizing her. Sometimes you will feel that her work ethic is not up to your own, and may feel the need to push her. This can result in her trying to avoid the issue, and if you push too hard, she may simply leave as she is unable to deal with the stress and conflict. It is well worth it to keep in mind a subtle strategy when the two of you are in disagreement.

Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that the Ox man and Rabbit woman marriage could get stagnant and they could begin to become bored with each other, as their relationship is likely to be missing the spice to make things interesting from time to time. Even though the Ox and Rabbit love compatibility is excellent, the biggest issue these two will face in making their relationship long-lasting is whether or not they both care enough to make it work.

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