Ox Man Rat Woman

When the pairing is between an Ox man and a Rat woman, the relationship will be very traditional. What he says goes. She is more than willing to do anything for him. They can form a strong friendship beneath their intimacy. In their intimate relationship, both are very sensual. They are a good match and love to lavish attention on each other. They are not often jealous.

When Chinese Ox and Rat get together, it seems an unlikely pair. In actuality they can be very happy together. The Ox will keep the Rat grounded in reality while the Rat has the ability to draw the shy Ox out of hiding. They both love family and will do anything for their loved ones. They both thrive when they feel secure. The Ox may get frustrated by the Rat’s nervous energy and risky adventures, or the Rat may eventually become bored with the Ox’s monotonous routine. If both partners take care, this won’t happen.

Ox Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

These two Chinese zodiac signs make another case of the opposites attract. Though the Ox and Rat relationship can be an intriguing one, could it be enough to be a long-term one? Is there a chance that their opposites could prove to be too much for them? Will hard work be enough to hold them together?

The Ox and Rat compatibility could be very explosive. The rat is an exciting physical lover. The ox has a strong nature. Due to this, these two Chinese zodiac signs will not be able to exhaust each other, no matter how hard they try.

When an Ox is dating a Rat, the love compatibility between these two can be a good one. These two Chinese horoscope signs understand each other’s traits. As for being in love, they will almost always put more into the relationship than is needed or required. They adore each other.

The male Ox may find the more outwardly mobile female Rat to be somewhat trying in her more emotional moods, but this couple has much to recommend it in the long run, and should prove to be exquisitely stable. The Rat lends a streak of ingenuity with which to further the material designs of the Ox, and he will be hugely thankful for his partner’s input in times of stress.

Should either partner feel the need for some personal time off, jealousy will not be an issue, as these two are all about mutual trust. They understand and cooperate with each other to a degree that other Sign combination couples might justifiably envy. These two will be the first to admit that marriage is just around the corner for them both.

Ox Man and Rat Woman Love

A Rat is a good partner for you. Since the Rat is hard working, you will respect her, and won’t have to prod her to do her share. She will be soothed by your calm personality in her anxious moments, and she will occasionally get you to expand your social horizons beyond your family.

Home and family are of paramount importance to you both, and a Rat will do her share of domestic duties if you are out working. This is likely the best arrangement, since you find deep fulfillment in working every day.

You must make an effort to listen to your Rat when she warns of danger. Although you are stubborn and hate to change your course of action, Rats have an uncanny sense of when things are about to go wrong, and it is to your benefit to pay attention and heed her warnings. Failing to do so could lead to snapping and fighting. The good news is that as long as you respect each other you will both find satisfaction in your union.

No matter what kind of Rat Ox friendship exists, the rat might be able to help the ox have a little fun and relax some. Additionally, the ox will provide the rat with steadiness in their life. The ox also needs to keep in mind that the rat worries quite a bit and can be prone to mood swings. If he remembers the rat has these tendencies and offers up reassurance when it is needed, things can run smoothly.

Though the Ox and Rat marriage should be easy, if they keep these couple of things in mind they can make the compatibility the best it can be and refrain from arguments. These two have personalities that are somewhat conflicting. However, this could provide these two Chinese zodiac signs with the fuel they need for a connection.

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