Ox Man Rooster Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Rooster woman, they are equally as happy. Their life is calm and serene. His authority will never waver and she is quite happy for it to remain so. Both partners keep each other happy in every aspect of their lives. They are not jealous or possessive because they trust each other implicitly.

Chinese Ox and Rooster are highly compatible. Both appreciate a stable home life and they are both loyal. Rooster tends to idealize their partners, so they benefit a lot by Ox’s honest nature. They will keep their home and finances in order and feel all the better for it. Rooster tends to like socializing more than Ox, but Ox is fine with letting Rooster go out with friends as long as some nights are spent home. They can become overly critical of each other. They are both practical and conservative.

Ox Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The ox and rooster relationship share excellent love compatibility in a romantic match. What causes them to fit so well together? Is it because their similarities and differences mesh so well? Will there be anything that can give these two issues? Will they always find a way to work through any problems they might encounter?

These two Chinese astrology signs work great together, whether they are friendly or in a romantic relationship. They have comparable attitudes and beliefs. The differences these two have work together instead of against each other.

The male Ox and the female Rooster can compliment each other’s approach to the game of life. The outgoing and vivacious Rooster can serve to inject a degree of flair into the Ox’s prosaic existence that may have been lacking prior to her arrival. The Ox, in turn, may provide a more grounded base of operations for the Rooster - an emotional shelter in which she may recover from life’s slings and arrows.

The Ox can also serve to help the Rooster weed out reality from amidst her thicket of hopelessly private fictions. If she can keep both of her feet on the ground long enough, the Rooster will come to realize that the Ox is simply waiting for her to make up her mind, and nine times out of ten she will do so in a manner that will cement the relationship further.

Ox Man and Rooster Woman Love

If you have fallen in love with a Rooster, it is no surprise. Roosters have the same discipline that you do and they bring it to every task they take on. A Rooster is always on time, even though her schedule is packed completely. Roosters keep track of every penny, and you likely appreciate her sensible restraint. Roosters do like to dress well, but will never blow their budget on appearances.

Roosters are just as blunt and honest as Oxen. They do not see the point in lying or even sugar coating the truth. If they feel you are not measuring up, they will let you know in a straightforward and direct way. Roosters are quite optimistic and have big dreams, but they often accomplish them because of their work ethic and perfectionism.

A Rooster is a good fit for you because they have none of the qualities that turn you off in a mate. Rooster will never deceive you, and they work just as hard as you do. On the other hand, Roosters tend to make decisions quicker than you do, and may be able to teach you a thing or two about seizing opportunities before they pass you by!

Roosters are skilled in the art of rhetoric, both oral and written. They are dashing and don’t mind having the stage to themselves, but they do need some steady support. This is a perfect role for you, as you prefer being backstage! The Rooster’s optimism will also buoy you up when your pessimistic nature is in need of a good cheering up.

Chinese zodiac compatibility predicts that neither one takes criticism very hard. This is one of the things that makes the Ox Rooster soulmates a content couple. With these two being so alike, it is their shared traits that will keep them going strong. Their outlook and aspirations for their lasting ambitions will be shared.

Overall, an Ox and a Rooster will get along very well together. Little compromise is needed, and the two of you will likely feel a perfect, natural fit. It is as though you were made for each other. They will usually strive for achievements that are materialistic. Their differences can actually help them form a good, long-lasting relationship. The Ox Rooster breakup happens very rarely.

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