Ox Man Snake Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Snake woman, he may tend towards jealousy. She may be a bit of a flirt, which always drives him mad. If they can reach a good compromise, they can make it work. In the bedroom they are likely to be pretty well matched.

Chinese Ox and Snake are extremely compatible. They share many of the same interests and love building a stable home. The Snake is a bit jealousy prone, but this can be sorted out with patience. The Snake is perfect to draw out the interests of the Ox. In turn, the Ox will make the Snake feel important and well-loved. From the outside, this pairing may look a bit dull, but inside, there are plenty of passionate sparks keeping the relationship lively and interesting.

Ox Man and Snake Woman Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac ox-snake compatibility is good enough for them to make a decent couple together. Are they too different to make it work long-term? Can their differences cause more problems or will they help bring them together? Will the Ox and Snake relationship require hard work or will they find it easy to be together?

These two Chinese zodiac signs might seem very different to others but they actually work pretty well together. The ox and the snake actually share comparable temperaments. They like seeing quality and intelligence rather than something like quantity and ostentatiousness. Both of these signs is able to be very diligent. Both the ox and the snake are discerning and will feel as if they made an excellent decision in choosing each other as a soulmate. They both can be quite humble.

The male Ox is attracted at first by the female Snake’s inherent charm, and will be more than happy to shelter her from the evil vicissitudes of fate for the rest of eternity, if only he may be the object of her sensuous ways. The Snake in turn will feel empowered by the Ox’s unconditional adulation, and will take advantage of his unflagging support to seek out new and challenging experiences over which to triumph.

If the Snake wanders too far away, the Ox may consider their unspoken trust broken and turn his broad back upon his ex, even if nothing untoward has happened. If the Snake knows what’s good for her, she won’t push the envelope of her considerable freedom too far, and the couple will stay together for the foreseeable future.

Ox Man and Snake Woman Love

Snakes are magnetically attractive. Their aloofness inspires wanting in others. Snakes keep their emotions far below the surface, and you will not see a female Snake losing control in public the way other women might. Snakes are thinkers and analyzers, and their minds are well suited to jobs in finance. Snakes are simply wizards with money.

Your cool and collected Snake will reveal more of herself to you in time, but will not become clingy or overly emotional, because she has tremendous self control. Snakes like the finer things, and they disdain cheap imitations. A Snake will prefer a partner who can provide her with such things, even though she is fairly capable of affording them herself.

Oxen get along well with Snakes. Both of you keep your emotions mostly to yourselves, and do not experience emotional turbulence. You will be attracted to your Snake’s cool outward demeanour, and she will be a passionate lover who stirs emotions in you. Snakes are jealous and possessive of their mates, but you would never think of straying, so this is a good match in that regard. Your hard work and thrifty habits ensure that the household will have extra finances for luxuries from time to time, which will please your Snake. She will be quite good at managing investments and between the two of you, your finances will be quite comfortable.

There is a lot of potential for long-term stability in this union. There are hardly any points of contention, and many areas in which you are compatible. Both the ox man and snake woman could actually learn quite a bit from one another. They each have unique viewpoints when looking at things out in the world.

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