Ox Man Tiger Woman

When this pairing consists of an Ox man and a Tiger woman, both parties have problems making concessions. He wants her to stay at home and be domestic while she wants to be in the limelight. She is inclined to spend freely, which infuriates him. They do get along well in the bedroom, however. Both partners can learn quite a bit in this relationship. The Tiger learns to slow down and smell the roses while the Ox learns to open up to the unpredictability of everyday life.

Chinese Ox and Tiger make for a trying couple. This is not to say it won’t work, but both parties must be truly committed to working things out to make a solid go of it. They are both very different and have different approaches to life. If they are willing, they can actually make their differences work for them. The Ox’s patience will be all important in this relationship, just as the Tiger will need to learn to buckle down to work and not react so impulsively all the time. Both love spending time with family, which creates a strong foundation upon which to build their relationship.

Ox Man and Tiger Woman Compatibility

These two Chinese zodiac signs do not work particularly well together. Is there any hope for the Ox and Tiger compatibility? Can they find a way to make it work at all? Are they too different to find balance and happiness? Could they utilize hard work and compromise to make a happy relationship last for a long time?

They both have a pretty big varied way of seeing things. The tiger is wild, risky and restless. The ox will be trustworthy, shy and persistent. He will want to see his projects completed correctly from the start. Both these Chinese animal signs value their personal traits. They each see them as being the most ideal traits, particularly when pitted against each other. Because of the idealization of their own traits, they are very unlikely to see anything they like in one another.

The male Ox needs to watch out for the female Tiger’s more disruptive antics every step of the way in order to keep this relationship a viable concern. The Tiger injects a stimulating sense of surprise into the staid male Ox’s orderly and calm life, and for that he is thankful, but too many surprises will come to be viewed as a disruption of the routine, and that the Ox cannot stand.

The Tiger may find herself a bit bored by her stuffy companion, and take to other methods of keeping her heart occupied - other partners, too. If this occurs the two will be better off calling it quits. But if the male Ox’s patience is up to the task, a bit of flirtatious fun on the part of his woman will not place undue strain on the relationship.

Ox Man and Tiger Woman Love

If you have fallen in love with a Tiger, there are some things you should know. Tigers are intense. Emotionally, they are your polar opposite. Tigers are quick to stir to righteous anger, and tend to be rebels. They throw themselves at projects with great zeal, and push themselves at a breakneck pace. They tend to be the same in love; passionate in the bedroom, possessive, and jealous.

Tigers, especially female Tigers, have moments of emotional fragility, where they need a great deal of support. As an Ox, you are ready and willing to give that, but Tigers do not want to hear your logical advice when they are hurt. They want to be told that it was all the other person’s fault and that they didn’t deserve it one bit. You may have a problem offering that kind of support because you are honest and direct, and don`t usually sugar coat the truth.

Tigers do attach themselves quite strongly to their lovers, and this provides a certain element of security that you will like. Tigers are full of passion, however, and may find themselves flirting with others on occasion. Be careful that you discuss this with your Tiger before your patience for it wears too thin.

You are likely to find yourself frustrated and perhaps a little disgusted with the Tiger’s intensity; she is temperamental and flips from one emotion to another so quickly that she is entirely lost. She needs you to be a guide, and if you have the ability to deal with her storminess she will appreciate you very much. She will see you as the calm in her storm.

The comparable parts of their personalities will be hard to find. The two of you are mostly on different wavelengths but if the Tiger keeps herself faithful and you learn how to tolerate her emotional outbursts, you have some potential. These two Chinese astrology signs contrast each other so much, but if they are both inclined to work hard, the Ox and Tiger marriage just might work.

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