Pig Man

While usually ending in marriage the male Pig will find himself in many chaotic relationships until he finds the perfect mate. The Pig man is generally rather open about sex and communicates well in the bedroom. If rejected by one partner, the male Pig will most often have no trouble finding another until he settles on his chosen mate.

The Pig male has a rough time in business transactions, often being duped by others with a greater ability to barter and deal. He will prefer the finer things in life such as expensive foods and wines, and will accept them with impeccable manners.

While his extravagant spending early in life may leave him wanting for cash, the Pig man will often find that money is no object in later life as he begins to become much more adept at managing money and understanding his place in the world; especially among the business savvy.

Pig Man – Personality and Characteristics

There could hardly be a more lovable creature in the entire Chinese duodecimal zodiac than the Pig male. This subject possesses almost every valuable trait of human nature – he is kind, friendly, generous, tender, affectionate, honest, patient, modest, conscientious, and loyal. Should his species disappear from the surface of the earth, one might wonder how harsh and bleak the life of mankind would become!

This is a most charming individual, full of poetry and delicacy. He pleases effortlessly. Everyone can feel quite at ease in his company. His presence is apt to inspire confidence in the most mistrustful or difficult people and incline them toward opening up their hearts. He certainly owes his gift for intimacy to his childlike naturalness, spontaneity, and innocence – to his eternal freshness of soul which insures him against any form of moral ageing or sclerosis.

His meekness is legendary. Practically never aggressive and always overly apologetic, he does not insist on being the first or the best. To him, taking a back seat is as natural as drinking water. It is unlikely he will ever learn the value of firmness. His inability to do harm or avenge himself comes very much to the fore of his personality. On the other hand, he is often baffled and even mystified by the in-sensitiveness and wickedness of others. Naive in the extreme, he persists in believing that people do good for good, despite every proof to the contrary.

Of all natives known to Chinese astrologers the Pig man is the one who possesses the most fertile imagination; even his Goat and Snake counterparts can hardly equal him on this score. But while this sublime faculty of his acts undoubtedly as a precious asset, it can also prove a liability under certain circumstances, and he does not always know how to make the most of it. Emotional this man certainly is – and to the supreme degree. His reactions are eminently subjective and irrational. It appears practically impossible for him to remain sufficiently aloof and detached, to stand back from events. Cool-headedness and objectivity, therefore, constitute the qualities which he must constantly strive to acquire.

With his curious mind and multi-faceted intelligence, he takes an interest in a wide variety of things. But he is reluctant to delve deeply into any subject, preferring to let his heart do the rest of the work, for he can as swiftly as surely sense the truth of everything. It is most often an advantage to him to rely on his sixth sense – or his third eye – rather than on his reasoning. Modesty should be counted as the first of his moral qualities. He consistently chooses to remain low-keyed in manner although he is perfectly aware that in this way his worth may not be appreciated as quickly or fully as that of a more aggressive guy. A pacifist at heart, he hates quarrelling and arguments: Indifferent to the question of face or self-assertion, he would prefer appearing stupid to winning a dispute. He does not even take offence at being an object of jokes or teasing – though he does lack the ability to laugh at himself.

This man has no ambition whatsoever to change or rock the world or to stand out from the herd. Fame and honour leave him rather indifferent, all the more since these appear to him as almost inevitably linked with cheats and machinations. Competition he abhors as he does bubonic plague. He has no metaphysical concerns either. What seems important to him is merely to enjoy living – a quiet life, a few good friends, financial security, and Epicurean delights are all prized by him; he hardly asks for more than that. He takes life as it presents itself to him, and accepts things as they are instead of expecting them to be as they should. To him, everything is so simple, as he himself is simplicity personified.

This is a man who is not ashamed of feelings as the Pig sign inclines all its subjects toward being sentimental. With his heart in the right place at all time, he never takes a casual stance concerning human relationships. Everyone can always trust him to be tender, kind, considerate, chivalrous, and deeply affectionate. If he enjoys the company of children and pets more than anyone else does, it is clearly because he never loses his pristine capacity to be good. His profound compassion, sympathy, generosity, and obligingness generally know of no limits; unfortunately, they may sometimes expose him to exploitation by others.

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