Pig Man Dog Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Dog woman, he will recognize her natural personality and not expect her to be something she is not. They will each take the time to honor the other. If they have financial difficulties, it won’t matter. They will be careful with what they have and once in awhile his luck may pay off.

Chinese Pig and Dog are made for each other. Both signs are caring and love to be affectionate with each other. Once in awhile, one may end up giving too much and forget about caring for themselves. This should be avoided as it can cause many problems. They will have a lovely warm home that is a joy to visit. Both Dog and Pig enjoy the quiet joys of life. They like to entertain close friends and family. Each will protect the other no matter what.

Pig Man and Dog Woman Compatibility

The Pig and Dog compatibility is quite good as each understands the other’s moods and nature. When the pig is dating the dog, expect some fireworks. The love compatibility between these two Chinese horoscope signs can only get better with time.

The Pig is a passionate and intellectual creature who is mostly at home in the lap of luxury. This can and does include reveling in such simple pleasures as the taste of a good meal or a particularly comfortable chair. The Chinese zodiac sign Pig is happiest when making others happy.

The Chinese animal sign Dog is loyal and honest, but has trouble trusting others. The simple truth is that others have an immense amount of difficulty in measuring up to the inhumanly high standards against which the Dog measures everyone and everything. Dogs are prone to mood swings and will bounce back and forth between the need to socialize and to be alone.

The male Pig provides a lighthearted counterpoint to the serious female Dog nature, and while she may be irritated with him at times for undermining a good negative sulk or two, she will be thankful overall. His endless quest in search of good times will serve to pull her out of her social shell and introduce her to some of the in crowd, which can only benefit her on many levels of attainment.

He will also assuage her groundless and nebulous fears regarding the uncontrollable future. These two Signs share many good characteristics, including a string work ethic. They are also scrupulously honest with each other. With traits like these, how can they not stay together? They will overshadow all romantic competition in each other’s eyes.

Pig Man and Dog Woman Love

So what does the future have in store for the romantic union between you and a Dog? Your love will be steady, stable, and very good for both of you. Since both of you are extremely loyal and honest, it is unlikely that any fidelity or betrayal will occur. Although you do have a need to socialize, both of you are comfortable having a quiet evening at home together.

You will be willing to do just about anything to cheer up your love when she descends into one of her anxious moods. Since you are fond of pleasure and good food, you have a lot of ideas for little present to bestow upon your Dog. You are sensitive enough to know when the Dog needs cheering up. Your Dog’s natural pessimism and anxiety will save you from getting yourself into trouble. Dogs like to guard their families fiercely, and your Dog will do the same for you. In return, you will provide the love she needs to soothe her anxiety.

Even a match made in heaven will experience the odd difficulty. Luckily, if you are married to a Dog, the problems are not likely to be explosive. The main problem is the possibility of getting into a rut with the same routine. Even though neither of you are likely to cheat, you may find yourselves feeling a tad empty if you never mix up the routine. Of the two of you, you are more likely to feel this. Happily, you are the imaginative and romantic one who will be able to think of new things to get out of the rut. Just be careful, as large sudden changes frighten Dogs.

Overall, this is a relationship that is highly worth pursuing. The two of you will experience long term success and happiness together in a mutually supportive and beneficial relationship. Do not hesitate to develop your romantic relationship with a Dog.

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