Pig Man Dragon Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Dragon woman, she could not ask for a better mate. He is lucky with money and has a jolly, uncomplicated personality. He will be willing to praise her constantly, yet she can safely vent her frustrations to him. The worst thing that can happen is that she will become bored.

Chinese Pig and Dragon can have a happy relationship if they are willing to make some concessions. They can have a super intimate relationship. These two also make great friends. Dragon’s soft heart finds a wonderful companion with Pig. In business, these two will work tirelessly to be successful. Dragon will take the risks and Pig will work in the background, helping things run smoothly.

Pig Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

The Pig and Dragon compatibility can be excellent provided each one learns how to handle the other. The Pig and dragon love compatibility can be one of its kind. Even while dating, they can be the best of friends or be at each other’s throat. Chinese zodiac compatibility shows that this can be one of the better love matches of the zodiac.

The energy of the Dragon can be refreshing to the normally sedentary Pig, but it can also grate with such intensity that the normally laid back Pig can be heard to grind their teeth. The Pig man may be more than willing to provide attention to the Dragon woman.

But danger lies in the Chinese Dragon’s ego. Their temper can be quite difficult to follow, let alone predict, because of how strongly they feel the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. The Dragon, quite simply, lives a life of epic drama that can be quite unbalancing and uncomfortable to any self-respecting Pig.

The ultra-sexy female Dragon chassis can take the male Pig completely by surprise, since he will assume that such a raving beauty would find his attentions rather unsuitable. But he’ll snap to attention immediately when he realizes the deal that is being offered him. As long as he can stay happy forever and cheer her when her heart droops, she will lavish upon him the proceeds of her magnificent body and significant social standing.

The Faustian pact will be more than amenable to his pleasure principle - the Pig is no dummy. He will lavish her with worship and the female Dragon in turn will expose him to pleasures that he never imagined existed, both public and very, very private. These two should enjoy the toils of their mutual slavery for a good long time.

Pig Man and Dragon Woman Love

If you are in love with a Dragon you are probably among a large group of suitors. A Dragon wears her charisma and sexuality like a cloak, and she is magnetic and irresistible. You will have a lot of competition, but you do have certain advantages in this race for her affections.

Dragons need support. Although she likes to act like she doesn’t need anyone, you Dragon’s confidence falters if she does not have loyal admirers. Your love and support gives her what she needs to swoop in and take those highly successful risks that catapult her to the top of the business world. In return, you are likely to be pleased with the romance she showers you with-the two of you both love romance and passion.

Dragons are indeed passionate lovers, but they often break hearts. Since they act on emotion a lot of the time, they don’t reflect on things as you do, and may find themselves in too deep, or find their interest wavering. If you continue to be a social partner and solid support for her, a Dragon may find herself falling far enough in love with you to stay there permanently. Being the partner of a Dragon carries many advantages-Dragons tend to be successful and shower their loved ones with the finer things in life.

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