Pig Man Horse Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Horse woman, her strength and confidence are what first attracts him. He likes to stay home and enjoy life. She wants to have adventure and socialize. She will be surprised to learn that he isn’t as pliable as she thought. She won’t appreciate the depths of his feelings and sincerity.

Chinese Pig and Horse are a passionate couple. They have a lot of fun together. If they tend to focus on each others’ negative qualities, they won’t last long. These two really enjoy being in love. They are very affectionate with each other. If things get boring however, Horse will start looking for something new. This makes things hard for Pig. What Pig loves best may make Horse feel trapped. Pig may also be a bit lazy, which frustrates Horse who is always on the move. They both do like socializing.

Pig Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

The Pig and Horse compatibility will need a lot of work and effort to make this love match work out. In a Chinese Pig and Horse relationship, a great amount of compromise is needed to make it work, because of their natures. It takes a certain amount of effort to enter the Pigs’ emotional inner circle and, once there, a great amount of effort to get back out. As the love compatibility between these two needs to be worked upon, patience is the key to success of this relationship.

The Chinese zodiac sign Pig is industrious and sedentary, willing to work hard toward any goal about which it feels strongly. They also possess the ability to take great pleasure in simple things. The Pig is a natural crusader, being fervent in its convictions and passionate to the core. This is tempered generally by an ability to live and let live, allowing only a select group of trusted individuals into its inner circle. The Pig delights in sensuality and will take an equal amount of pleasure from the smell of a freshly brewed cup of tea or the feel of silk and velvet.

The Chinese horoscope sign Horse is ingenious and unpredictable, unwilling to be hemmed in for long and possessing a fiercely independent spirit. Horses simultaneously desire freedom and intimacy. If they feel trapped by a relationship or situation, their first instinct is to run, despite a need for companionship. They rarely let this get them down for long, as they have a preternatural ability to draw companions to them.

The male Pig finds the honest expression that he craves in the shoot-from-the-hip, take-no-prisoners female Horse, while she in turn is attracted to his inveterate cheerfulness, which dovetails nicely with her chosen lifestyle of glowing physical endeavor. Both of these Signs enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, and should have a grand time introducing each other to the array of tricks that they have learned elsewhere.

The Pig is content to let the Horse take center stage when it comes to their frequent social occasions. The selfishness of the Horse can be quite provoking for the mindful Pig, but he should be able to look the other way often enough for their mutual sanity. These two Signs make a good couple.

Pig Man and Horse Woman Love

If you are in love with a Horse, you should know that Horses throw themselves right into everything they do. They are honest when they love someone, but also very blunt with their criticism, and often offend more sensitive people. Horses love to socialize as much as you do, but they prefer to be at the center of attention because they thrive being noticed. Horses gallop from one thing to the next, without much focus.

Horses are good with finance, but other details elude them. They know how to apply themselves once they are truly committed, but can find themselves distracted by other interests, or even other men. This makes them difficult mates, especially since they can have a "wandering eye" while they are still young. It’s easy to be inspired and swept away by the passion of the Horse. She is tragically at the mercy of her emotions, is prone to grand romantic gestures at the beginning of the relationship.

A Horse is a great partner for you. You will shower her with the attention she craves, and will be happy to accompany her to parties and events. You will assist her in keeping on task and finishing projects she might have otherwise forgotten. A Horse will provide you with all the socializing you need, because she is gregarious and has large groups of friends.

You must be wary of the Horse’s tendency to get swept up in other romances. She doesn’t mean to hurt you, but she is at the mercy of her overly dramatic and romantic heart. You can provide her with the guidance and motivation she needs to stay truthful to you. If she can stop herself from galloping frantically from one thing to another, she will give you the luxurious love you need from a partner, and she will help you make decisions faster so you don’t lose opportunities to deliberation. In the long term, you two can be very good for each other.

Two things will be key here for this compatibility between the Pig and Horse soulmates to work out. The Horse must come to some sort of understanding within its’ self. The desires for freedom and companionship must be balanced carefully against one another and a desire to fit in eschewed in favor of being comfortable with oneself and others. The Pig man must, absolutely must, relax on their standards of honor and let some transgressions slide for the good of the whole.

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