Pig Man Ox Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and an Ox woman, she will rule the house. She will never feel taken for granted and he will shower her with affection. He does tend to idealize her and may lose sight of reality. It is hard to be put on a pedestal. She is levelheaded while he is passionate and fun. Both are very honest and love to do for each other.

Chinese Pig and Ox make a passionate couple. Pig appreciates Ox’s ability to create a peaceful home for them both and Ox’s dependability. Ox enjoys Pig’s sensuality. Both partners work hard to attain their stability. Pig works hard to create a vision of success and Ox works hard to attain it. Pig tends to see only the good qualities in others, and with Ox’s trustworthiness and dependability, they suit each other well. Pig is easily taken advantage of. Ox can protect Pig from this happening.

Pig Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

These two signs in the Pig and Ox relationship share a number of common features; this is both good and bad. Getting any relationship started in the first place might take a considerable amount of effort. The Pig and Ox love compatibility can be good if they are both willing to make a few adjustments. A pig dating an ox, can make this a very pleasant experience.

The Pig Chinese zodiac sign is naturally sensual. This means that whenever the Pig isn’t seen working, they’re probable lounging in a comfortable chair, eating something delicious, or doing everything they can to make others happy. They must, however, believe in what they are doing in order to be happy.

The Ox is a plodding and methodical sign that takes nothing for granted and pays due attention to every detail. They are neither stupid nor slow; rather, deliberate and measured.

The male Pig is a social butterfly, as odd as that image may seem, and enjoys stepping out once in a while. But everyone that steps out must inevitably step back in, and that’s where the female Ox applies her skills. She will craft a home environment that will make even the most hedonistic of Pigs want to stay home as often as possible, and his happiness will be her happiness.

In return she will be willing to shine on his arm for special occasions. She will also rein in his tendencies to scatter money like raindrops at the slightest prompting, and may rid him of several unwanted friends in the process. These two Signs will come to grow fond of their little differences, and will grow old together in complacent joy.

Pig Man and Ox Woman Love

Oxen have a reputation for being stubborn, and they have earned it. Like you, an Ox will carefully consider every choice before making a decision, so once she has decided, she stands by it, no matter what. Also like you, she will sometimes miss an opportunity because of this. Neither one of you is a risk taker or gambler.

Oxen like to work hard and provide for their families. If you marry an Ox, you will usually have extra money because she will enjoy working long hours. Oxen are not prone to romantic gestures, which may disappoint you, but they are very devoted and dependable.

Oxen have long fuses, but if you manage to get one angry, look out! Your negotiation and peace keeping skills will come in handy if you or anyone else gets your Ox mad. It may take a while to stoke her fire, but once it gets burning it is certainly difficult to put out.

Both of you will enjoy quiet evenings at home with each other, but you will feel more of a need to socialize. You should try to get the Ox to come along from time to time to help her avoid getting stuck in a domestic rut. Although she may not understand or share your love of parties, friends, and luxuries, she will not begrudge you your fun and will be quite supportive of your endeavours.

One of the most important things is that an Ox will never betray or deceive you. Oxen are as honest as the day is long. This is good for you because you can be a bit gullible and naive, which leads others to take advantage of you. If you are married to an Ox you will not get your heart carelessly broken.

An Ox is very compatible with your personality and lifestyle and your relationship is likely to last. It is entirely possible for the Pig and Ox soulmates to exist together, but is far more likely that they will have a platonic relationship. This will be built on mutual support and the monumental effort required to keep the other from alienating one another with unintentional offenses.

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