Pig Man Pig Woman

The empathy that two Pigs share is visible to everyone around them. They seem to be made for each other. They can predict each others’ thoughts and emotions. They finish each others’ sentences and seem to be able to read each others’ mind. They have simple, if luxurious tastes. As long as they are comfortable they are happy. The one issue they may need to face is emotional instability. They are both so sensitive that when one is in a vulnerable place the other may be sucked in, too. They may act childish, get depressed or sulk to get their way.

Chinese Pig and Pig will spend their time showering each other with love and affection. They will share a deep passion and sensuality. They love to spend time at home cuddling and talking. They may need help with their finances. It would do them a lot of good to hire an expert. For their relationship to continue to succeed they both need to learn to focus on more than each other. They are generous to a fault, and may be taken advantage of by others. They may occasionally have minor misunderstandings. When they are angry, Pigs can be fierce.

Pig Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The Pig Pig relationship eschews all outside contact in favour of devoting all of their time and energy to each other. This is where the aesthetic of intrinsic pleasure shows in full force. The Pig man and Pig woman revel in the finer things in life, and in the happiness of others.

The Pig, in the Chinese Zodiac, bears little resemblance to its European counterpart. While they are generally associated with laziness, slovenliness, and filth, within the Chinese Zodiac the Pig is seen as being intensely, passionately, carefree. The Pig revels in all things sensual and decadent; to the point of hedonism. The Pig Pig compatibility if fun and can be exciting.

One Pig can be a very good and comfortable match for another Pig, as these two will amply demonstrate. There will be many misunderstandings between the male and the female of the species, however, as each will bring out the worst, most selfish side of the other. The relationship thus engendered may also lack the regular sparks, sexual and otherwise, that are necessary to keep it viable for any period of time.

Not that these two will have a bad time together - Pigs can’t help but enjoy themselves - but there may a certain zest that each feels to be lacking, and that might cause the breakup of this couple. The search for true love should have an admixture of sincere pain, and if either of these Pigs wants such a thing, they will have to roam afar for it.

Pig Man and Pig Woman Love

Two Pigs are fairly compatible in a relationship. They are both honest and trustworthy, so neither one has to worry about being taken advantage of by the other. The two of your will be equally good at finishing a task once you start it, and so any joint projects you undertake are likely to be a success. Pigs have good luck, and even if you experience minor setbacks you will easily recover and have more prosperity.

Since neither one of you likes conflict and you avoid it to the best of your ability, you will tend to hide your disappointments and resentments from each other. This is not healthy and should be avoided. Despite your dislike of conflict, it is important to air grievances before they fester and grow, or by the time you are willing to share them a fight will be unavoidable. Thankfully your relationship should recover from even battles like these, since neither of you hold grudges.

When a pig is dating another pig, they will either enter a very long term relationship built on sensuality or rise meteorically to towering heights of indulgence before plummeting into the depths of unfathomable despair. Do not worry too much about either; it is a natural part of being a Pig. They will bounce back soon enough; just give it time and tissues.

The only area where you will need to exercise restraint is with finances. Since the two of you both love to pursue pleasure, there is a likelihood that you will fall into a hedonistic relationship that ignores practical needs and realities. Taking care to map out a plan that includes pleasure and fine things in moderation will make sure that your finances are as smooth as your relationship with each other!

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