Pig Man Rabbit Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Rabbit woman, he is easy going and loves to indulge himself and his lady. She is more of a perfectionist and a bit inhibited. She may be annoyed at times with his propensity to sulk. She may appear stern, superficial or materialistic. Still, they can overcome all of this and be beneficial to each other and have a happy relationship.

Chinese Pig and Rabbit make a very happy couple. They are both affectionate and support each other. They love to stay home but their life is anything but boring! They both love beautiful things and their home will reflect this. They love to entertain. Pig can draw out Rabbit’s passion and overcome their shyness. These two will get on well no matter if they are best friends, lovers or siblings.

Pig Man and Rabbit Woman Compatibility

The Pig and Rabbit compatibility is very well matched for a wide variety of relationships. The Pig and Rabbit love compatibility is very well matched for a wide variety of relationships. Should they be family members the Pig will provide a loving and supportive launch pad from which the Rabbit can retreat to for shelter and recover for another foray into the world.

The Pig is industrious and honorable, fiercely protective of the people and ideas that it cares about. They are willing to give one hundred percent to any endeavor they believe in. They are fully capable of spending just as much time lounging as straining under the whip. All Pigs share a passion for the visceral things in life, reveling in every luxurious experience.

Rabbits are one of the more nervous and skittish Chinese animal signs, being perhaps a bit more in line with their namesake than others. Rabbits, as a rule, shy away from any form of confrontation. They are most comfortable when surrounded by a solid base of friends, family, and routine. The timid and emotionally volatile surface layer of the Rabbit zodiac sign hides a core that is deeply passionate and willing to devote all of their energies to defending those things they care about.

The male Pig and the female Rabbit have a shared approach that they use to make their relationship worthwhile in each other’s eyes, and it works wonders in term of emotional viability. Both of these Signs like a trouble-free environment, and if he should want to step out of an evening, she won’t mind as long as she isn’t woken up at an unreasonable hour by his return.

The female Rabbit is a fount of good common sense, and her first rule is not to fix something that isn’t broken. She doesn’t exactly enjoy going to bat for the foibles of her partner, but she is willing to do so when the need arises and has the skill to extract the male Pig from any situation he might stumble into on his own initiative. These two Signs make an excellent couple, and manage to get along like a house on fire in the process.

Pig Man and Rabbit Woman Love

If a Rabbit has caught you eye, it’s probably because you have so much in common! Rabbits hate tension and conflict even more than you do, and as a result they become adroit negotiators. You will never find someone as polite and well spoken as a Rabbit-they are amazing and wrapping people around their little fingers and turning war into peace. If you try to corner a Rabbit, they are likely to flee, because they cannot stand tension or disagreement. They would rather give up a friendship or romantic relationship than suffer through that.

Rabbits are very cautious and intelligent. They pay attention to detail and always read all the fine print. For all their caution, Rabbits are also good at relaxing and living in the moment. Rabbits, especially female Rabbits, can be moody, and then they will need lots of love and support, but they are mostly very pleasant.

Since you have so much in common with a Rabbit, it is easy for you two to fall in love and stay together. Others often think you are slow, but really the two of you simply prefer to think before you act. You are sensitive and emotional enough to know when you are pushing her too hard, and you will pull back to avoid scaring her. The two of you are artistic and love you indulge your senses in art. You are likely to agree on decoration for your home.

Both you and your Rabbit have amazing social skills, and are likely to be at the center of a group of loyal friends. You will enjoy being out with friends, but also having a quiet walk through the woods or spending time at home. She will feel very secure with your loyalty, love, and devotion, and you will enjoy companionship from someone who appreciates tact and civility as much as you do.

The Chinese horoscope compatibility suggests that the Pig and Rabbit soulmates complement each other quite well. The differing approaches that each Chinese astrology sign applies and the level of comfort they share leads to the ability to freely speak what is thought or felt. This relationship is likely to be long and happy, even with a minimal effort from both partners.

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