Pig Man Rat Woman

When this pairing consists of a Pig man and a Rat woman, she will appreciate his luck with money and he will appreciate her thriftiness. They both love children. Fine living is also important to both of them. Together they can enjoy life’s luxuries and keep busy on the social circuit.

Chinese Pig and Rat do well together as long as they lay the groundwork to support them. They need something in common to fall back on when the first blush of the relationship fades. By understanding each other, they can reach success. Rat is hard working and likes the success it brings. Pig also enjoys financial freedom, but tends not to work as hard. Once this is understood, they can work with it. Pig is very good about always putting Rat first. Rat appreciates this, and will overlook some of Pig’s irritating habits. Pig easily overlooks Rat’s bad habits as long as Rat makes enough money for them to be comfortable.

Pig Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology compatibility, in the Pig and Rat relationship, both the partners share excellent love compatibility with each other. Be it love or business, this partnership is one that will last long. When the rat and pig start dating each other, they enjoy the attention that they receive from their partner.

The Pig is an industrious and honorable sign, driven by a passionate nature to make every effort toward their hearts’ desire. They are often mistaken as being lazy. This is because any moment not devoted to toil and labor is instead directed toward experiencing and luxuriating in pleasures of all sorts.

The Rat is an intelligent and resourceful Chinese astrology sign that is predisposed to cleverness and wit. There is no situation from which they cannot find something good, whether it be material or spiritual, to take with them.

The male Pig finds in the female Rat a source of motivation as well as an oracle of accurate assessment always by his side - he can’t help but feel impressed by any attention paid to him by such a fount of creative action. The female Rat gains herself a loving supporter whom she can easily dominate and bend to her whim, one that doesn’t waste time questioning her judgment at every turn.

The two work well together in translating her plans into their shared pleasures, and the Pig will be more than happy to go along for the ride to success. The Rat will benefit from his comic relief and may view things from a new perspective because of it. These two should manage to stay together for quite some time.

Pig Man and Rat Woman Love

Rats are compatible with you in a variety of ways. Rats also work hard to achieve their goals, and they enjoy socializing with happy groups of friends just as you do. Rats are sensitive and excellent listeners, which provides you with the support and attention you need. Rats are extremely devoted to their families, and if you are in love with a Rat, she will do anything to make sure you’re happy.

Rats are great with finances, but they have a hard time resisting a bargain. Your Rat will help you restrain yourself from spending too much, but she may need your help in resisting a really great deal. Rats are very sentimental, and tend to hold onto objects that remind them of happy times. Your patience may wear thin if the things she keeps are becoming old and worn, because you prefer to be surrounded by nice things.

Rats are always in the know, and they keep secrets for the ones they love, but don’t hesitate to use information about others to their advantage. You may find that your sense of honesty is offended by this, but rest assured that your Rat would never do this to you.

Rats have a very good sense of knowing when things are about to fall apart. Always listen to your Rat’s intuition, because she will not steer you wrong. If one of you has made a bad decision, she will realize it and have a backup plan that will save you.

As long as the two of you have a plan to resist luxuries and great bargains, your finances will stay in great shape just like your love life. In a Pig and Rat marriage, they are happiest when able to construct a stable home life. They like being surrounded by close friends and family, expending every effort toward the happiness of these individuals.

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